Who Can Install Security Cameras?

My choice of security cameras dependent heavily on not wanting to pay someone to install my cameras and not wanting to spend large amounts of time installing the camera.

So, who can install security cameras, Security cameras can be installed by professional installers, a local handyman, or yourself. Because most security cameras don’t require changes to electrical circuits, anyone that you trust can install them. The cost to install security cameras is going to vary, depending on who installs the system. You are going to be the cheapest, only spending time, and maybe supplies. A professional installer is going to be the most expensive because he is “licensed.”

In this post I can going to talk a little more about installing a security camera system. I am going to discuss the cost if you install, versus the cost to have a handyman or professional.

Assuming you are looking to install a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) or Power over Ethernet (PoE) security camera system, you may want to review your options for installation. If you are installing a wireless security camera, I recommend stop reading this article, take 20 minutes, and install the camera.


You are by far the cheapest option to install a security camera system. Installing a security system is only going to require your time, and any additional tools you do not already have. Consider when installing a security camera that you may need to drill holes into your home, and then your home to run wires.

In theory, you could install your security camera system without drilling any additional holes by running the wires in the same place your cable comes into your home. Then you could fish the security camera wires using the same outlets as your cable TV.

If you want a more professional looking installation, you will need the following:

  • Pencil: to mark the holes
  • A drill bit large enough to make a hole for the wire head
  • Cable to length
  • Camera
  • Drill
  • Screw drivers
  • You may also want to fill the hole, so air does not escape.

Once you have everything you need, refer to the user manual with specific instructions on how to install the camera. Installation may take anywhere from 1 to 8 hours, depending on the number of cameras, where you plan to install them and possible objects in the way.

The benefit of installing the system yourself is that you can save a lot of money versus paying someone else to install it. Also, you can begin the installation when you want. You don’t have to rely on someone else’s schedule, or worry about missed appointments The final reason you may want to install it yourself is that you simply don’t trust people in your house.

Installing a system takes a moderate level of skill. While do not need to buy super handy, you will need to understand the impact of placing a camera in a location. You will also need to be aware of wiring located behind walls. You also need to willing to stand on a ladder for long periods and reach over your head. Finally, there will be a little trial and error. Fishing wires can be a painful and annoying process.

You should not install your own system if you are nervous about any aspect of doing it yourself. If you are concerned about drilling through wires or are unable to stand on a ladder for a long period of time, you should hire a professional.


Another option is to pay a handyman to install your security camera. As I mentioned, it is possible to have a person that you trust install a security system because most cameras don’t require changes to the homes electrical circuit. A handyman is simply going to use the listed above and install the cameras.

There are a few benefits to hiring handyman to install your security camera system. Fist, you don’t have to spend time installing the system. You can sit back, relax, and question every decision he makes. It may take the handyman less time. If you are not handy it may take you 8 hours to do the job. Whereas it may only take the handyman 4 hours to complete the same task.

Another benefit is you are ensured that you will not get electric shock. If the handyman drills into a live wire, he gets shocked, and you get to drive him to the hospital.

While there are several benefits to hiring a handyman, there are a few drawbacks as well. Fist, the cost. Depending on where you live, it can cost $125 or more to hire a handyman for this service. If it takes the handyman 4 hours to complete the task, you are looking at an additional $500 for your security camera.

Second, you must work around the handyman’s schedule. If the handyman gives you a time frame for arrival, you know it will be at the end of the timeframe. Third, the install always takes longer than expected. If the handyman tells you it will take 4 hours, it usually takes 6.

Another reason is the handyman doesn’t value your house like you do. The handyman may put larger holes than needed, and expose some wires because at the end of the day, it’s your house, no his.


A professional security camera installer is usually someone that is authorized by a manufacturer to install the system. Usually, they are a reseller of the system, and have taken a short class which makes them “licensed.”

The price to hire can be more expensive than a handyman, or they can wrap the cost into the total price of the security camera. For example, if a security camera normally costs $300, an authorized reseller, can sell you the same system for $700 with free installation.

Another option resellers have is to contract the installation out to a third party (usually a local handyman). You still pay a higher fee, but you are basically having the same type of person installing the service.

One benefit of having a professional install your security camera is they usually provide a warranty. For example, they may offer a limited warranty to fix or replace the camera if it stops working or something happens to it.

Another benefit of paying a professional is they are sometimes bonded. Being bonded basically means protection of something breaks while they are on the job. Professionals become bonded to protect both themselves and the homeowner.

You may also be required to hire a professional to install a security camera. Depending on local codes, homeowners’ association, or apartment manager, it may be a requirement to have it professionally completed. Check with your landlord, HOA, etc to see if there are any rules requiring a professional install.

The drawbacks to hiring a professional are like that of a handyman. You are beholden to someone else’s schedule, the installer in behind schedule, and it always takes the installer longer than expected.

An additional drawback is that you are using someone that you don’t know, like, or trust. You are not familiar with their background, so you must watch them the entire time.

What is needed it install security cameras?

In addition to the parts mentioned above, I recommend have a piece of siding that matches your house, weather rated hole filler, and a spackle kit. The siding will be used to replace any errors that you may make. You can use epoxy to fill holes that are too large. This is a must to ensure your energy bill doesn’t skyrocket. I also suggest spackle to cover all small oops you make along the way.

How are security cameras installed?

Installing a security camera is really easy. It becomes more complex with the additional objects in the way. Installing a security camera is a matter of drilling holes in the appropriate place, then fishing wires to the DVR/ NVR. You may need a second hole to power the camera, but newer security cameras have an all in one solution.

Where are they installed?

In general, Security cameras should be installed in at least three places. Those places are:

  • Front door
  • Backdoor
  • Garage

These are the three places criminals target first when breaking into a home. In reality, most people need a lot more than just three security cameras. Click here to find the different places you should place a security camera.

When should they be installed?

If you are considering installing a camera, I recommend installing it as soon as possible. There is a reason you are looking at security cameras, and that reason will only go away after a security camera is installed.

There is no wrong time to install a security camera system. When looking at security cameras make sure it is upgradable. Click here to see 20 reasons why people install security cameras.

Why should you install?

There are several reasons why you should install a security camera including deterring crime, and peace of mind. You may also install a security camera to help catch criminals after they committed the crime or post funny videos online. Click here to see the various reasons why you should install a security camera.


To conclude, just about anyone can install a security camera. You don’t need an advanced degree, or special license to do it yourself. In short, you should do it yourself if:

  • You have a moderate experience with drilling, fishing, cabling
  • You don’t mind a challenge
  • Have plenty of time to do the job
  • Installing a wireless security system
  • Don’t trust anyone else

You should hire a handyman if:

  • You can hire him at a good price
  • Unable to climb a ladder/ hold your hands above your head for a long period of time
  • Concerned about drilling into wires
  • Don’t want to spend 4 hours doing the work.

Finally, you can hire a professional if:

  • It is apart of a purchase package
  • Required by landlord, etc
  • Need a warranty
  • Need someone that is bonded
  • Can’t find a handyman
  • You can’t do it yourself.

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