Which CCTV Camera Is Better? [POE vs. BNC CCTV Cameras]

CCTV cameras come in many shapes, sizes, and even power options. Individuals considering purchasing CCTV cameras can often be lost wondering what the best option may potentially be. I get it. So many opportunities exist, and it’s complicated to know all the advantages and disadvantages of each of these CCTV camera systems.

This has led me to create this post concerning one question. Which CCTV camera is better, a POE or BNC CCTV camera system. With knowledge in this market and some diligent research, here is what I can tell you.

So, which is better, a POE or BNC CCTV camera system? Both POE and BNC CCTV cameras offer unique advantages. POE CCTV cameras are regarded as a higher-end CCTV camera option and provide several benefits compared to BNC CCTV security cameras. POE cameras offer connection over a network and allow for higher resolution and more customization. Overall POE cameras are a more robust option for your CCTV system.

That’s about as quick and to the point, as we can be when explaining which CCTV camera system is better. However, as we stated a moment ago, both the POE and BNC CCTV security camera systems offer unique advantages.

My goal in this post is to cover all those advantages you can enjoy from both kinds of CCTV cameras and ultimately allow you to be the judge of which CCTV camera system is going to serve you and your protection needs best.

Let’s dive into the details.

The Big Advantages that POE CCTV Cameras Currently Offer, A Top Choice

POE CCTV camera systems are a top choice for several reasons. First and foremost, most homes and businesses currently have a network already in place. Wireless internet and networks are what now connect our planet together.

It’s rare to find a home or business anymore these days that’s not already executing some form of a wireless network. POE cameras in most situations can plug right into these networks with little effort.

This is already a massive positive about POE CCTV camera systems. The ease of installation and plug and play is also a must consider when purchasing a CCTV security system. Additional POE CCTV camera systems have begun introducing other benefits such as extremely advanced facial recognition software.

POE CCTV cameras are also capable of displaying extremely high resolutions, and one of the highest megapixels presents out of all CCTV systems.  Lastly, we often discuss the ability to upgrade or interchange equipment.

Well POE systems are going to be limitless. You don’t need additional channels to add cameras or more hardware. If POE is the direction you choose to go, you can add, subtract and change your CCTV system whenever you please at any time.

They are straightforward systems for users to take advantage of and make changes when they desire.

A Different Interface for Each Camera with POE CCTV Cameras

Another significant benefit to POE cameras is the fact that each camera is being controlled on its own interface within the network. This makes full customization extremely easy and possible.

With the evolution of the internet over the past few decades, you can also bank on the fact that these cameras are here to stay and will only further develop and become more advanced over time.

This fact alone is a massive benefit if you ask me. When I purchase electronics, I typically think to myself, when will this be outdated or significantly cheaper than it is today?

POE cameras are also very basic to install. Considering they are running over a network, the only thing required to get a POE system entirely running is a single CAT 5 cable running to each camera.

Once you have completed this step, you will have no issues enjoying the use of a powerful and advanced POE CCTV system.

Now, we have covered the benefits of POE systems and what makes them great, but it’s time to shift gears and discuss the BNC CCTV systems and let you see their advantages and let you be the final judge.

Let’s dive into those details now.

BNC CCTV Camera System Major Advantages. Still a Powerful CCTV System to Consider.

BNC CCTV systems have been around for a long time. They are the more basic analog system that often requires a DVR to store footage. It’s the more original player in the CCTV market. BNC or analog systems still offer many benefits to consider.

To kickstart the conversation, BNC CCTV systems are fundamental and usually low cost and more budget-friendly than your POE system.

However, one trade-off you get for this reduced cost is often a maximum quality you can accomplish which is in most circumstances, going to be lower than a POE CCTV system.

On the Other Hand, Analog or BNC Systems Offer Easy Installation and Basic Use as Well

On the flip side, just like the POE CCTV system, the BNC or analog systems are still very basic and easy to use and install in most circumstances. Easy install and ease of use are always positive in my mind, so there’s nothing to bash BCN CCTV cameras for in this situation.

Compared to your POE CCTV systems, an analog system is going to be extremely reliable and stable which is another significant benefit. They require a very minimal amount of maintenance, and you don’t have to always worry about a secure network to get protection or use out of your CCTV camera system.

This is a big benefit to me because we never know if our internet and network will be completely stable or reliable in some situations and the fact that we always need protection ideally, is a reason that many individuals may still lean towards one of these analog systems as opposed to the POE option that we discussed earlier in this post.

With good always comes a little bad. A downfall to this with analog systems is again, the fact that you can’t make customizations to your analog systems nearly as quickly as you can your POE system.

Analog Systems Will Not Allow for Interchangeable Components as Often and Upgrades

We just discussed how analog systems are not as customizable as POE cameras. Well, they also don’t allow for secure interchangeable devices and the ability to just add devices whenever you please. Of course, it is possible to upgrade or add components, but it’s not nearly as easy as it is with POE systems.

Analog Systems often need the hardware to be purchased together or to pair up nicely. POE systems because they are running over the network, are not nearly as reliant on this trait and can allow for much more freedom not only at initial purchase but for future upgrades.

I love to upgrade and spend money on devices like this, so this is a scenario that makes me lean much heavier towards purchasing a POE system compared to the old school analog option.

Which System Do We Recommend, The POE or the BNC System?

This is a way to difficult to answer. It really depends on your budget and what exactly you are looking for. If you just want to purchase the system one time, never make additions or changes and want to save money, you can aim for the analog system.

If, however, you are purchasing the system to have the best and plan to make changes as time goes by or change equipment, you may want to lean heavier on the POE CCTV system. Additionally, it depends significantly on the quality you are looking for.

POE is going to offer much higher quality, more features, and benefits and allow for the custom settings for each device. Analog cameras currently just don’t provide this, and some consumers will hate this.

It’s important to cover some of these questions and go over the pros and cons before making a decision, so you don’t’ waste your money, in the beginning, to ultimately create a change right away towards something you desire much more.

The Final Word. Both BNC and POE CCTV Cameras Offer Unique Benefits. The Choice Is Yours

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with either of these systems, and they will undoubtedly get the job done for you. It comes down to your needs, preferences, and budget. In my opinion, I personally think that the POE CCTV systems are much better for the reasons we have illustrated in this post.

If you aren’t quite sure, speak to a professional who understands the benefits and disadvantages and can explain them in more depth to you.

For the money, a CCTV system is going to cost you on day 1, especially if you include professional install, it’s not worth rushing the decision, but at the same time, the details are black and white.

If you want the best, I would go with POE. They are here now, the best of the best and will be around for a long time running into the future. If you are on a budget, lean back towards the Analog or BNC CCTV system.

What’s your take on this topic? Which CCTV camera system do you believe is best? The POE or the BNC camera System? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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