Where Are CCTV Cameras Used? [A Detailed Summary]

In a world where nearly, everything has become live streamed, it’s tough to find areas where you don’t feel you are being watched. Technology advances in the blink of an eye, and it’s tough to even keep up with all the changes.

Even certain professions such as law enforcement have gone through a transition where nearly every move they make is from behind the public eye, and everyone is always watching. This is no different from CCTV camera and surveillance systems being used to watch the rest of the world.

I was wondering something the other day. Where are CCTV cameras used? After looking into it and finding some of the most common spots you may see these cameras and CCTV systems, here’s what I have learned.

So, where are CCTV cameras used? CCTV (closed circuit television) are used in a wide variety of places. Home security systems, business surveillance systems, and even your baby monitors are considered CCTV camera systems. The uses and benefits they can provide are nearly endless.

The answer above wasn’t enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I’m sure it’s not enough for you either. I wanted to take the time to dive into some of the common uses of CCTV cameras and why they prove to be so beneficial when used for these specific applications and locations. Let’s jump into it.

More About CCTV Cameras and Common Uses

Like I stated before. CCTV cameras are used literally everywhere. People have them installed on their homes, workshops, vacation homes and even hunting properties.

Also, CCTV cameras are commonly used to protect businesses, monitor shoppers and help track incoming and outgoing customers or visitors at certain establishments.

Outside of that, you have some more odd spots that people don’t often consider such as baby monitors and indoor cameras that people find uses for CCTV cameras.

In all reality, the options are virtually endless, and in the next few years, I expect the growth and over-population of CCTV cameras to continue to rise and to become a mainstream way our society provides protection and keeps track of events and other potential uses that require video or audio footage.

Let’s break this down even further and cover some of the uses.

Home Security Camera Systems and Home Use of CCTV Systems

Home security systems are probably the most common use of a CCTV system that comes to mind. It’s sold by hundreds of vendors, and the options are plastered to every aisle inside electronic stores such as BestBuy. This isn’t a bad thing or a wrong use of CCTV systems.

It helps deter criminal activity and allows you to play back video footage in the event something does go off the beaten path.

Also, in more recent time, video doorbell cameras have become another popular method of monitoring other activity and helping individuals get a premature inside look at who’s knocking on the front stoop preparing to use some solicitation skills on us.

It adds more protection and gives us a chance not to answer the door if we choose that visitor is not something we are up to speaking to or dealing with for the day.

Video Baby Monitoring Devices

Here’s another example of a CCTV system providing outstanding benefits and additional safety to our home in the form of a baby monitor. It used to just be the two-way walkie talkie style audio transmitted devices, but technology has once again proved it’s not going away and will continue to advance.

Now we can not only hear our babies crying in the middle of the night but also speak to our baby using the monitor and even visually check in on our baby and children to ensure everything is safe and sound.

Many of these cameras even offer the capability to have night vision and various zoom levels to provide even better-quality feedback.

Stellar use of a CCTV system if you ask me.

Checking in and Monitoring Our Pets While Away from Home

This one even though obvious after reading and researching it, didn’t quite come to mind right away but once I saw it, I realized that this is a genius way to use a CCTV camera system.

Many individuals if the climates are right, have pets that live 24/7 365 days a year outdoors. Sometimes they have a dog house like structures and sometimes just a fenced in area to roam.

I can’t think of a much better way of ensuring the animals that we love are doing okay than using the capabilities of a CCTV system.

You can pop in and speak to your animal using the audio on your system or just check in and make sure a gate didn’t come lose or open and that no other danger is present for your animal. It doesn’t have to be only limited to dogs either.

Cattle ranchers, horse owners and other professions where their animals and livestock are their income can make great use of using CCTV systems to protect their most valuable assets.

Protecting Our Own Businesses with CCTV Systems

Safeguarding your business always should and will fall at the top of the priority list and with good reason. It’s an asset to you and your family, and it’s important to keep tabs on. Using CCTV systems to monitor the activity inside and outside of your business is becoming essential.

It can be used to ensure you don’t have criminal activity taking place while you are away, and you can also use the systems to monitor critical areas of the business such as the cash register or product warehouse areas to ensure you are performing damage control and keeping close tabs on incoming cash and that products don’t mysteriously go missing.

Be Careful in Some Situations

With CCTV camera systems being used to monitor employees, many states have strict laws set forth that prohibit certain recording features such as audio if the person being recorded has not consented.

Also, specific locations of the inside of the business may be prohibited from using CCTV cameras as well so be sure to always remain compliant and up to date with the latest laws.

Other Business Establishments Using CCTV Systems

We all know how much other businesses and establishments make great use of CCTV systems, but if you aren’t the owner or operator of these systems, it’s a bit different.

Establishments such as Walmart or other large department stores and businesses use substantial storage and multi-channel CCTV systems to support the hundreds of cameras they are visually watching to have an active loss prevention effort taking place.

For the most part, these establishments are monitoring shop-lifting and other criminal activity, but this is also an example of when a CCTV system is being used to control employee behavior as well.

Public Transportation, Airports and Traffic Controllers

When you’re watching television and catch a glimpse of the nightly news have you ever wondered where they always have this footage from.

Footage of a kidnapping where the assaulter is caught boarding the next train to New York or footage of someone leaving a hotel or possibly checking into an airport?

This is all thanks to the use of CCTV systems. You see, CCTV systems are also a primary way the State, Local and Federal Governments help maintain order and deter criminal activity.

Without the ability to replay footage and the feeling of being watched with everything we do or say; the world would be much more chaotic than you may think.

We are just so used to it at this point that we don’t think twice but just imagine for a few moments if we lived in a world where these didn’t exist, and we knew that if we decided to perform specific actions that nothing would be played back or used against us.

CCTV systems surely serve a more significant purpose than people may believe or may be aware of.

Traffic Control Use of CCTV Systems

This is another spot where CCTV systems are used, but we don’t think of right away. CCTV cameras are mounted at most major intersection and used for traffic control purposes all around the world.

It can help city engineers understand traffic flows and patterns so that adjustments can be made to improve efficiency, or they can just be used to catch that felony hit and run DUI accident.

A Recent News Example of The Wonders of CCTV Uses and Applications, Kareem Hunt

Anyone here football fans? I am. I’m also a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. In case you weren’t aware it was nothing more than a CCTV camera system that took the NFL’s, leading rusher and power running back Kareem Hunt from signing a mega multi-million dollar deal this summer to not having a job.

The footage from a hotel in Ohio was able to capture Kareem Hunt performing some not so friendly actions towards another individual while hosting a party in an Ohio hotel. Without the use of these CCTV systems, justice would not be served, and Kansas City may have finally been capable of defeating the New England Patriots (Kidding).

But I think you get the point.

Putting It All Together. You’re Always Being Watched, and CCTV Systems Are Not Going Away

CCTV camera systems are everywhere, and that’s not likely to change. Heck, they can even be hacked by skilled individuals who understand that side of technology.

They are used in too many places and serve too many additional benefits for individual consumers, governments and businesses to stop using anytime soon.

In fact, the trend will most likely increase significantly over the next decade, and it will be tough to find anywhere in the country where you can go without a CCTV capturing the movements.

Even audio of the events is beginning to become very popular and common with newer CCTV systems.

Some of the uses are apparently not so desirable, but for the most part, CCTV camera systems are one area of technology that’s proven to add protection, control over society and order into our world.

Did we leave out any primary spots where CCTV cameras are often used? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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