What Internet Speed Do You Need For The Ring Doorbells?

The most overlooked requirement for video doorbells and wireless security cameras, in general, is the minimum internet speed required. Your internet connection is the most important aspect of your wireless home security system. To answer the question: What internet speed do you need for the Ring Doorbell?

The answer is: it depends on the model. Below are the minimum requirements for each model:

  • Video Doorbell 1 – 500 kbps
  • Video Doorbell 2 – 1 Mbps
  • Video Doorbell Pro – 1 Mbps
  • Video Elite – NA/ Ethernet connection
  • Door View Cam – Specs not available

These are the minimum requirements; however, Ring also provides a recommended internet speed. Below are those recommendations:

  • Video Doorbell – 1 Mbps
  • Video Doorbell 2 – 2 Mbps
  • Video Doorbell Pro – 2 Mbps
  • Video Doorbell Elite – NA/ Ethernet connection
  • Door View Cam – Specs not available

As you can see, Ring recommends twice the internet speed than the minimums listed.

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Continue reading to learn more about internet connections, including how to check your connection, why the internet connection is important, and what happens if your connection is below the requirements.

How to Check You Current Internet Connection

There are a few different ways to verify your current internet connection. The first way is to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The second way is to conduct a speed test on your connection.

Contacting your ISP

You can find your internet speed by reviewing your bill, calling, or chatting with a rep from the company. If you decide to contact your ISP, know that the information they give you may be a little “off.” Your ISP will use terms like “up to” to describe your internet connection. This simply means you are paying for this limit.

The internet speed you pay for, and the internet speed you receive may be two different things. Therefore, I recommend completing a speed test.

Speed Test

A speed test is simply a measure of how fast your connection reaches a server, and how long it takes to return from the same server. There are tons of speed tests on the internet, but I recommend using a speed test offered by Ookla. Press start or go, and the app will do the reset.

In addition, your ISP has a speed test you can use. I recommend trying multiple speed tests to different servers around the world. If the speed test is much lower than the advertised speeds, contact your ISP.

I recommend doing a few different tests to get a clear picture of your speed. Also, you should complete a few tests near the front door, or where you plan to place the doorbell. Finally, complete a few tests while the internet is in use by other devices.

What Does Internet Speed Mean?

Basically, your internet speed measures how fast data is sent or received. In most cases, the higher the better (some will mention high ping and high speed is bad, but that’s outside the scope of this post). Internet speed began with kilobits (kilobits per second, kbps), and 1 kilobit equals 1000 bits.

Currently, the standard is megabits (megabits per second, Mbps), and 1 Mbps equals 1 million bits. Many people in the United States, and around the world, have adopted to gigabits (gigabits per second, Gbps), and 1 gigabit equals 1,000,000,000 bits. The next step after gigabits is terabits or petabits.

Why is Internet Speed Important?

I’m sure you’re wondering why the nerd lesson, but your internet speed is very important for one reason: data. When you send and receive stuff on the internet, it is sent in bits. For example, when you go to your favorite website, your internet connection goes to a server and returns bits of data. Those bits turn into a webpage.

This holds true for your home network as well. When your doorbell sends you a notification, really it sends bits to a server, and that server sends bits of information to you. When you elect to watch the event, you are sending and receiving these bits of data.

What Happens if My Internet Speed is Lower than the Requirements?

There are a few things that may happen if your internet speed is less than the listed minimum. Below are common problems if your internet connection is lower than the minimums:

  • Missed rings/ motion events
  • Distorted video
  • Audio and no video
  • Distorted or choppy audio
  • Pauses in audio and video
  • Delayed connection between your Ring Doorbell and your mobile device

Missed Rings/ Motion Events

Many people complain that Ring doesn’t collect all motion events that occur at their home. Have a slow internet connection may be the reason. If you are consuming your allotment of bandwidth, it may be possible that Ring misses an event.

Distorted Video

Users also complain of “tiling,” or little squares that show throughout the picture. This can be a problem with the doorbell sending the “data packets” to the server. This could also be a problem with getting the data from Ring’s server to your phone. If you are using cellular data, this could be it.

Audio and No Video

Another common problem is opening an event that says, “there is trouble downloading the video,” but the audio works fine. Audio is much easier to send and receive that video, that is why you hear the audio and can’t see the video.

Audio and Video Pauses During Steaming

Have you run into a situation when you were watching a video and it just pauses? This usually means there is a problem with the connection. Either the connection stopped working altogether, or it dropped below an acceptable level.

Is Signal Strength Important?

Yes, the WIFI signal strength is almost as important as your internet speed. Having poor signal strength can result is similar issues to the ones mentioned above. The good news is the signal strength can be fixed.

How to Fix Signal Strength

The easiest way to fix the signal strength is to move the router closer to your front door. Find a location close to the middle of the home and you should see increase signal strength. Another option is purchasing a range extender. As the name implies, a range extender increases the maximum distance of your WIFI.

The final option is to purchase a mesh router. Traditional routers have one physical device responsible for sending and receive information. Mesh devices are different because they have 2, 3, or 4 routers communicating with the modem. Mesh routers can be a great way to extend your range without buying too many additional parts.

What if I have other devices (smartphone, laptop, Streaming Device, etc)?

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Any device that connects to the internet will consume some of your bandwidth. While the amount of consumption will vary, you should still take inventory of all of the devices that connect to the interent.


As you can see, there are a few variables to consider when determining how well your Ring device will perform. If you’re already having connection issues, contact your ISP before setting up your Ring device.

What has been your experience with the Ring Doorbell product line? Have you had any connection issues? How did you resolve those issues?

Leave a comment below!

Additional Questions

Does Ring Require a Subscription?

Technically, no, Ring does not require a subscription. However, if you don’t have a subscription, you are only able to view events live. Without a subscription, you are unable to take advantage of viewing saved events to Ring’s Cloud Storage.

The subscription covers saving all events to the cloud. This includes motion, ring, and live viewing events. With subscription, events are saved for 6 months, then automatically deleted.

Does the Ring Doorbell Ring Inside the House?

The Ring itself can be heard outside, or if you’re standing close to the front door. If you are 10 feet away from the doorbell, you will not be able to hear it. However, the doorbell does “ring” on the mobile app. If you have your volume enabled, your phone will make a sound when motion is detected, or your doorbell button is pushed.

In addition, Ring has the Chime, a device that you plug into a wall outlet that will ring when motion is detected, or if someone pushes the doorbell.

Does Ring Require WIFI?

This depends on the model. All the Ring models, except the Ring Elite, require a WIFI connection. The Ring Elite connects to your home network via an ethernet cord. The Ring Elite can be connected to a router, port, or switch.

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