What Are the Best CCTV Systems for Business Use [11 Great Options]

Protection of our assets is always a number 1 priority. We want our families protected, but often we have properties and other assets that need just as much attention towards protection and keeping active tabs on.

Sometimes this can be accomplished with a wireless camera or two and sometimes it takes something much more in-depth to achieve. Large properties or large businesses may have different needs to accomplish the same level of protection and security.

One of the questions I see pop up frequently is simple but needs some explanation. What are the best CCTV systems for business use? With some knowledge in this market and some trial and error with several CCTV systems and devices, here is what I can tell you.

So, what are the best CCTV systems options for business use? The best CCTV systems for business use are most frequently going to be multi-camera and multi-channel systems with extensive storage capabilities in addition to having night vision, motion detection and excellent field of views.

That gives you a few of the basics you should be looking for when searching for your businesses next CCTV systems, but I wanted to hit on each of these topics in more depth.

It’s important to understand all the features and specifications you should look for when shopping CCTV systems that can hold up for the high-demand use businesses will require.

A Few Reminders About Choosing the Best CCTV System for Your Business

It’s important to cover a few things before picking one of the CCTV systems for your business. First, you want to determine what your actual needs are and what exactly would serve your business the best.

How many cameras do you need? Are you going with wireless, wired or power over ethernet?

All of these are a few questions you should answer before going into the actual potential systems you could choose for your business. Assuming, you have these items figured it out, it’s about picking a reputable brand and determining what system is going to provide the most bang for your buck.

Other considerations that need to be considered when choosing business CCTV systems could include the following.

  • Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • Lighting Features
  • Weather Proofing
  • Price
  • Audio
  • Storage Capabilities

We are going to cover the best CCTV cameras for small businesses for the purpose of this post. Larger businesses that have a lot of ground to cover will also use complex large channel systems.

The CCTV systems that we will recommend in this post will assume its personal business, a small office setting or a business that doesn’t require multiple cameras or multiple thousands of dollars to purchase.

Without further ado, let’s cover what we would consider the best CCTV system for business and professional use.

The Top 11 CCTV Systems for Business and Professional Use

1- Netatmo Presence

A few things really make this camera stand out to me. First and foremost, it looks fantastic with its futuristic emergency/flood light look. It can blend in nicely with the perimeter of the business and offers 1080P Resolution which is always a big plus.

In addition, it runs 24 hours a day and uses its motion detection capabilities to activate the emergency light feature. This can serve as a significant deterrent to help keep criminals off your business property and at bay. That’s the entire point, isn’t it? Well, this camera certainly gets the job done in that respect.

Perhaps the best feature of all is its ability to distinguish if it’s sensing motion that’s a vehicle or a person. Using live time notifications for alerts, this can be a time saver and a big relief not to get alerts that are consistently considered false alarms.

The Netatmo Presence also allows for cloud-based storage, so depending on your needs, this can eliminate the hassle of purchasing an NVR or DVR system for your footage. Although the Netatmo is one of the pricier cameras on our list, I certainly believe it deserves to be at the top of the list for the features mentioned above.

#2- The Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest has been making a splash in the CCTV camera world in recent years and continues to manufacture quality products that are backed by a company that we all now love and trust. The Nest Cam outdoor stands out to me for a few reasons.

First and foremost, I love the two-way audio feature with this camera in addition to the cloud-based storage options. The Nest Cam Outdoor also features 1080p resolution and has one of the best mobile apps for ease of use and unique features compared to other cameras on the market currently.

Your footage with Nest is only stored for 30 days and then is erased/overwritten, but depending on your business needs, this could be plenty suffice for what you are looking to accomplish. In addition, Nest continues to produce sleek cameras with appealing designs and functionality.

Factor this in with other features such as connecting to other smart devices you may opt use in your office and having the ability to control all devices from your mobile app makes this a top choice in our opinion for an affordable, easy to use CCTV camera for your small business.

#3- Samsung Smart Cam

Samsung never fails to disappoint in a world riddled with electronic devices. They don’t fall short with quality CCTV cameras either. Although they offer plenty of other options that could be listed out, we wanted to keep it simple and include the Samsung Smart Cam in our list of top 11 CCTV cameras for your small business.

The Samsung Smart Cam is another camera on the list that comes equipped with two-way audio features and is featuring 1080p resolution. It also uses cloud-based storage like the other cameras that have made our list.

It’s one of the more stylish designs on our list and comes with a microSD storage slot that also has an audio jack.

The camera is packed with enough features to fit the use for any residential or small business. Depending on the number of cameras you choose to install this camera could even be used for larger commercial buildings with proper planning.

If you factor in these great features and add in the integration with google alerts and its reputable brand, we had to include in our top 11 CCTV camera system list.

#4-D-Link 2530

The D Link is one of the cameras on our list that’s built for indoor use. It’s another one of the cameras on the list that also features a nice and easy to operate mobile app and comes equipped with 180 degree viewing angles with motion sensing technology.

When the motion sensors are triggered with this device, the audio will boot up giving you the opportunity to scare away your intruder at your business before they even take a second step into the door.

With all those positive traits included and backed by an electronic brand that has been around the industry for a long time, I thought they deserved to make our list for best CCTV cameras for small business use.

#5- Panasonic HN6002EW

Panasonic is just great at creating just about anything that can be operated by batteries or by being plugged into a wall. This camera stood out to me for a few reasons. First, I love that it’s designed to work for indoor and outdoor use.

It has indoor functionality but is still 100% weatherproof to withstand the elements of the outdoors. You can have subscription free storage capabilities, an easy to use the mobile app and appealing design to keep your business looking fresh and professional.

#6- Sengled Snap

Talk about clever and disguised. The Sengled snap is tough even to notice that it’s an active security measure and fantastic CCTV camera. It features one of the most unique designs out of all the CCTV cameras I’ve seen. It looks like a floodlight but still can serve as an indoor or outdoor light.

It comes equipped with 1080p resolution, features 2-way audio controls and the mobile app allows for smart LED lighting that can be dimmed and brightened at your command.

In addition, this camera features one of the most straightforward installation processes out of all the cameras we have listed out here today.

The camera remains active 24 hours a day, but you can program the light to be on or off to your desired preferences.

#7- Foscam F19853EP

The Foscam, although not as sleek, sure is unique and can get the job done for any business or professional use. It operates using a single cable install, and it’s one of the most durable cameras on the list featuring a solid design and 100 percent weatherproof technology.

This isn’t one of the most advanced cameras on our list, but I like the simplicity with this camera.

It has a very stripped-down mobile app and doesn’t feature many other top specs. For example, this camera only comes backed with 720p resolution which is lower than I typically prefer to see but for one of the cheapest options available plus its durability, it’s tough not to like this camera.

It will surely stand its own and protect your business and save you plenty of money in the process.

#8- Hikvision EZvis Mini

The Hikvision Mini Plus is unique due to be the only magnetic camera on our list. It’s capable of 1080p resolution, offers the two-way audio and primarily is used for indoor use.

It offers cloud-based storage and the motion sensors built into the device will trigger the two-way audio and will a sound alarm. You can customize the motion sensor with the camera and comes with a microSD card.

The night vision is top quality with this camera, but the major downfall is that it does not feature any internal batteries and is also not compatible with many other smart home hubs and not easily interchangeable across other CCTV system systems.

At a low price point and for the use of small business owners protecting their assets, we think it gets the job done without too many issues. Sometimes for indoor use, all the additional features are not always necessary if the price is right. This is one of those cameras we believe fall into this category

Quality and suffice for the price are an excellent slogan to go by.

#9- Netgear Arlo

The Netgear Arlo is another one of the cameras on the list that features a very sleek design and can be physically appealing. It remains discreet and offers 7-day free cloud-based storage. After this window is over or the 7 days has passed, you would have your video deleted permanently.

Following the initial 7-day storage use, your next 7 days would begin.

This camera also offers the two-way audio features that I love, 1080p resolution and a mobile app that has plenty of controls and desired features. In addition, the mobile app is one of the easiest to use compared to other options on the mark.

You can set up push notifications for the device and set up motion censored based alarms as well to notify your mobile device in case something is going down.

Overall, for the price point, it’s a must consider option in the CCTV camera system world. It can even be great for residential use but overall, small businesses would be able to get the necessary functions and protection out of this device a low overall price.

#10- Reolink Argus 2

The Riolink cameras are beginning to become very popular. They are introducing solar-powered cameras and offer some of the sleekest and most user-friendly cameras the CCTV market has to offer currently.

They come 100% wire-free and have rechargeable batteries or can be used with solar power. They also give you the option to use indoors and outdoors and offer 100% weatherproof devices.

With full 1080p Full HD quality, with 2-way audio controls and unique motion-sensing capabilities, we thought they deserved to make our top 11 list for the best CCTV camera systems for small businesses.

You can also purchase these systems with 4 channel camera systems, 8 channel or even expand up to 16 which makes these an excellent fit for small to medium-sized business owners to take advantage of for a cheap overall price. A must consider an option on our list.

#11- Amcrest Ultra HD 4 Megapixel CCTV System

This system easily could have been ranked #1 on our list. Especially for the overall price it features. The resolution is only 480P, but the Bullet style cameras have a good field of view, it comes with a 500GB DVR storage system, offers additional cloud storage and includes everything else we love to see.

It features mobile apps and alerts in addition to night vision and motion sensing capabilities. Being capable of indoor and outdoor use makes them that much better if you ask us. An excellent option for a price point for under 300.00 total dollars.

Our Top 11 Cameras Are Listed in No Particular Order

Just like when I stated that number 11 (Amcrest Ultra HD) could easily be placed in the #1 slot, I thought it was important to mention that these are the top 11 but in no order.

For a small business, it just depends on what features are important to you and how big of a system you really need to take care of your protection needs and desires.

Any of these systems would hold their own, but all have unique strengths and weaknesses that need to be consider before making a final purchase decision.

We tried to keep the price point low for the consumers and our recommendations but also tried to keep the features offered as high as possible to give you the most bang for your buck.

Putting It All Together, Plenty of Options, Now It’s Up to You.

Plenty of options exist. For the small business owner, medium size or even large business owners. Protection is what matters most and what always comes first but also finding cameras that can fit into your personal or business budget is also crucial.

You don’t want nor to need to spend more than necessary. Find a CCTV system that can fit your needs but also save you the most money is the best road to take when searching for these systems. Always check reviews and make sure you are buying a reliable CCTV system.

Lastly, always be sure you are finding a system that offers some of the perks we have listed out here today.

Some systems featuring weatherproof designs, multiple power options, and even high-quality night vision and 2-way audio are features you may find yourself regretting not looking into further before purchasing.

What’re your recommendations for the best CCTV systems or cameras for business or professional use? What features would you be sure to consider and what brands do you believe offer the top of the line products.

Leave a comment below, and I will be sure to keep this list updated and consider adding your recommendations to the list.

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