Video Doorbell Vs. Security Camera: Which One is Right for Me?

Ensuring the safety of your home is of the utmost importance. You need to be able to keep your family safe from potential threats. In a perfect world, you would not have to worry about people trying to steal from you or otherwise do you any harm. Things are not always simple and you need to be prepared for negative situations.

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In order to protect your home, it is going to be smart to think about installing certain security measures. Many people like to make use of security cameras to help keep their homes safe. You can also choose to install something such as a video doorbell so that you can see who is at the door before you even decide to open it. Both of these handy security measures will be beneficial but which one is going to be right for you?

To determine which of these methods is going to work well for your needs, you are going to need to take the time to look at all of the different factors. Once you know all of the information about each of these security measures, you will be able to make an informed decision. Looking into these options will certainly prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. You can keep your home safe from threats as long as you take the time to go over your options.

The Benefits of a Video Doorbell

Owning a video doorbell is going to prove to be very beneficial to you. This is going to allow you to see who is at the door so that you do not accidentally let anyone unsafe into your home. It can also help you to simply keep an eye on your front door. You can see if there is anything out of the ordinary going on and it can even be connected to your smart devices.

Depending on the type of video doorbell that you have installed, you will be able to get a live feed of your front door sent directly to your phone. This will allow you to keep an eye on things even when you are away at work. Many people really like the overall security that this provides. Of course, this is only going to allow you to see in your doorway so this is not going to help you to keep an eye on other parts of your home.

There are many people who like this method better than using security cameras, though. It really just comes down to how thorough you want your security methods to be. If you want to have more thorough security, then traditional security cameras may work out better for you. It is also going to be possible to install multiple video doorbells as well.

As an example, many people have more than one entrance into their homes. Most homes will at least have a front door and a back door. Installing a video doorbell at each of these entrances might be a good idea for anyone who is trying to be thorough. Although it is less likely that the back door will be used as much, it can still give you peace of mind to know that you have a camera there.

It is going to be up to you to decide how badly you need this type of coverage. The video doorbell is going to be very convenient, though. You will be able to get alerts on your phone when something unusual is happening. This can help you to take swift action and you might even be able to prevent someone from breaking into your house by calling the police on time. If you did not have a video doorbell, then you would never be able to know that any of this was happening while you were away.

The Benefits of a Security Camera

Security cameras are going to provide you with more thorough coverage of your entire property. You can have security cameras installed just about anywhere that you think they are necessary. Having these security cameras installed throughout your entire home will allow you to keep an eye on everything. If you want to protect your home in a complete fashion, then this is going to be a sensible decision to make.

It should be noted that many people who get these security cameras installed will wind up having a camera at the front door. This means that your normal security camera setup is likely going to operate similarly to a video doorbell in some ways. Many of the video doorbell services do have added functionalities but you will certainly be able to see what is going on in your doorway.

The biggest reason why people wind up choosing security cameras over video doorbells is the increased coverage. You can have cameras placed in your living room, bedroom, basement, attic, and anywhere else that you think will be necessary. Some people even go so far as to include security cameras in bathrooms and other areas. Any room that has a window is a potential entry point for a burglar so there is some justification for having a security camera in every room of your home.

Much the same as the video doorbells mentioned above, you can have a live feed of this security camera data sent to your smart devices. This can help you to keep an eye on your home while you are away. Many people take a look at the happenings in their homes while they are away at work. This can be very helpful when you decide to go on vacation as well as it will allow you to peek to see that everything is in order whenever you have a spare moment.

There are also professional monitoring methods that you can consider too. For instance, some security cameras can be monitored by a professional security company. This will allow your home to be more protected as this can be linked with another type of security system. Having a security camera system that is set up in this way will allow you to feel more protected than usual but it will come at a loss of some privacy.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras can be a very important part of protecting your property too. Not everyone lives in an urban environment; some people actually have large properties. If you own several acres of land, then you might want to make sure that nothing funny is happening around your property. Keeping an eye on your fields, your garage, your barn, and other areas will be a good idea.

Installing security cameras outside can be just as helpful as installing them inside in many situations. You will be able to monitor everything and can keep your belongings safer. Many people store expensive items in their garages and barns so they don’t want those things to get stolen. Having security cameras monitoring the outside will catch any potential thieves in the act.

With how expensive tractors and other important types of equipment can be, you definitely want to take these matters seriously. This is another situation where security cameras are going to be more practical for protecting your property than a video doorbell. Anyone who owns a larger home with a large yard will benefit from having security cameras.

The Negatives of Video Doorbells

The negatives of video doorbells really come into play when you think about their limitations. They are only going to be monitoring one part of your home. If you make the decision to have video doorbells installed at every entrance to your home, then you may have two or three camera feeds to rely on. This leaves many blind spots and many of the threats to your home will not occur at your doors.

Burglars are more than likely going to try to be inconspicuous when they are breaking into a home. This will mean that they might try to break in using your windows rather than any of your doors. If you do not have any cameras set up near your windows, then it will not wind up doing you any good. A video doorbell can help to protect you in some ways but it has many blind spots.

The video doorbell method may be appealing due to its interesting functionality but the security measures may not go far enough for some people. It really comes down to how worried you are about your home. If you want to keep things monitored in a more complete fashion, then installing security cameras might be the way to go. You should really consider all of your options before moving forward so that you can ensure that you made the right decision for your family.

The Negatives of Security Cameras

The negatives of security cameras mostly have to do with having your privacy invaded. If you make the decision to install security cameras inside of your home, then you will be constantly monitored. This can be especially unnerving if you have gone with a professional security company. The knowledge that a professional security company will be able to see what is going on in your home may make you feel less at ease.

It can certainly negatively impact your privacy to have too many security cameras around. There are many people who decide against installing security cameras in private areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. This winds up leaving a security gap in the system but it does help you to maintain a bit of privacy. No one wants to feel as if his or her most intimate moments are on display for others so it is understandable why certain people may not want to take things this far.

Of course, you could go with security cameras that you only monitor yourself. This will still have the potential to make others in your family uncomfortable. Your spouse may not like the idea of you looking in on him or her during the day. It is just something that can creep some people out even if the intentions are purely good. You’ll want to think about things thoroughly before moving forward.

Which One Is the Best Choice?

Which one of these options is the best choice is really going to come down to personal preference. Some people like the practical level of security that a video doorbell provides. It is less invasive of your privacy than having multiple security cameras installed around your home. Others will prefer more thorough security measures as they will help to keep everyone safer.

You need to ask yourself how far you want to go to keep your home secure. Do you want your entire property to be monitored all the time? Are you comfortable with having your home monitored by security professionals? If not, then you may wish to simply go with the video doorbell option.

It is possible to make use of security cameras a bit more conservatively, though. You could only install a few security cameras at particular points around your property. This can help to keep an eye on things while still giving your family some privacy. Monitoring the outside of the home and specific parts of the interior is likely going to be the most popular option.

Keeping an eye on parts of the home that you are worried will be at risk is smart. The video doorbell helps to protect your front door and possibly other doors. Security cameras can protect many other parts of your home. You should talk to your family about this information and get their opinion on the matter. This will help to shed some light on things and you can move forward together as a family unit.

You Can Always Use Both

One thing that you may not have considered is that you can actually use both. If you want to have complete protection, then there is no reason why you cannot have both a video doorbell and security cameras installed. The video doorbell can keep an eye on your doors and the cameras can be placed at other specific points in your home. This will give you a good coverage area and should help to deter potential burglars from breaking into your home.

The reason why using both might be appealing comes down to some of the specific features of the video doorbell. Many people like the video doorbell options that allow them to speak with someone and even video chat before opening the door. Simply having a security camera installed in the doorway is not going to replicate this experience. It may be worthwhile to have a video doorbell just because you like being able to answer the door in this fashion.

Also, video doorbells can notify your phone when someone is standing at the door. This is great for when you are in another part of your home and may not normally be able to hear the doorbell. You will be able to speak with your visitor to see what he or she wants and can move forward from there. It really is pretty convenient overall so it does have some advantages over installing a simple security camera in the doorway.

The advantages of the security camera can work in tandem with the video doorbell. You can monitor specific parts of the house to help you feel safer. If anyone ever does try to break in, then you will have footage to hand over to the police. It really does safeguard your property so considering using both of these options may be worth your while.

Other Security Measures to Consider

There are also many other security measures that you may want to think about using. Using an alarm system along with your security cameras is likely going to keep you much safer. Typically, the security business that is going to be installing your security cameras or video doorbell will also be capable of installing a professional alarm. The alarm will go off when entry is detected and it can automatically call the police to keep you safe.

Being able to rely on a professional alarm system will definitely help you to sleep more easily at night. Much the same as the security cameras, these alarms can act as a deterrent to potential burglars and other undesirables. Even advertising that you have cameras and alarms can work well to keep people from wanting to break into your home. It definitely does help that the security cameras and the alarm system will work well together.

Contacting the security company to speak about 24/7 monitoring services can be beneficial too. The privacy concerns can put some people off but as long as you set up the cameras intelligently, it should not be an issue. Having your home monitored is going to allow you to get help when a situation occurs. If a thief is brazen enough to enter your home, then the security company will work to ensure that you are protected by contacting the authorities and checking up on you.

This is also great to have when you go on vacation. Knowing that your home is being watched by a professional security company can allow you to simply enjoy your time away from home. If anything happens, then the security company will be on top of things. Consider these options whether you decide to go with a video doorbell or a security camera.

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