The Pros and Cons of Owning A CCTV System [9 Pros and 5 Cons]

Owning a CCTV system is something many US consumers are moving towards. We all want protection, and we also desire to have fancy gadgets around our home to show off to all our friends and families. It’s the direction we are heading, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

I understand fully. CCTV systems offer many benefits that are often overlooked but what many individuals don’t speak about is some of the cons that can come with owning a CCTV system.

My goal in this post here today is to give you the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s necessary to understand all the facts before deciding if a CCTV system is right for you and if so, what’re the disadvantages of owning a CCTV system?

For the money consumers are currently spend on home security, protecting their own business and purchasing all these gadgets, cameras and DVR systems, it’s an important discussion to have.

Today, let’s take the time to break down 9 advantages and 5 disadvantages of owning a CCTV security system and ultimately allow you to be the judge if this is something you really want to spend the money on and if it’s something you can envision providing benefits to your home, assets and a peace of mind for your family.

Let’s dive into the details

The 9 Advantages and 5 Disadvantages of Owning a CCTV Security System

Before jumping into the bad news about owning CCTV systems, let’s start this conversation by illustrating all the good a CCTV camera system can deliver to you and your family.

Here’s the first 9 reasons why I strongly recommend purchasing a CCTV camera system for your home, business or even remote secondary properties.

9 Advantages of Owning a CCTV Security System

#1-Increased Protection, Deterring Criminal Activity and Peace of Mind

This one is obvious. CCTV systems offer peace of mind and keep protection around our assets and families. CCTV cameras are known to decrease criminal activity significantly and serve as a strong deterrent.

This is huge towards making sure your home or business is protected when you are present and when you are away. The biggest key to making these remain a substantial advantage is protecting your home correctly and using the necessary number of cameras to get the job done effectively.

Nonetheless, this is the most widely known benefits of using and purchasing a CCTV security system for your home, business or remote property.

#2- Ease of Use, Remote Access, and Accessibility

CCTV systems are slowly becoming easier to use every day. They can be used directly by downloading a mobile app, and most functions can be controlled with the click of the button. Anyone who has a basic understanding of technology will have no problems getting full use out of the CCTV camera system.

Not to mention, most CCTV systems are designed to be used with ease no matter where you are located and can access other properties from across the country if need be. Anytime a piece of technology makes life this easy, it’s undoubtedly a reason to chalk up one point in the advantage category.

#3- It’s Not as Costly as Many Would Believe

Don’t get me wrong with this advantage or pro for CCTV camera systems. They can certainly be expensive depending on what you specifically need. However, in most circumstances, you can protect your home for much less money than you may believe.

Some CCTV camera systems that offer 4 or more cameras plus the DVR to store your CCTV footage will come in under 250.00 dollars. Sometimes even cheaper.

I don’t know the exact budget you are working with, but when you do the math on this and the protection and benefits these CCTV systems can offer, I’d say that relatively cheap and a cost not to throw to much of a fit over.

Another point in the advantage category.

#4- More Uses Than Just Criminal Activity Protection

CCTV camera systems immediately make people jump to the idea of the armed robberies and home invasions. This is great for the CCTV companies because this is a huge pain point inside of the consumers that help drive sales through the roof. What’s often overlooked is the CCTV system can serve many more functions than just pure protection.

Maybe you need to keep tabs on employees. Perhaps you are keeping an eye on your dog in the backyard, and perhaps you just want to watch your timber on your hunting ground to see if any big game Bucks are roaming the property.

Whatever the case may be, CCTV camera systems are indeed more than just protection against all the crime you watch on the nightly news.

Many people just fail to realize this and don’t get the full benefits and uses from their CCTV systems or fail to creative with the additional uses you could consider for your CCTV system.

Regardless, the options are endless, and you can get more bang for your buck than you may believe.

#5- Can Often Be Integrated with Other Smart Home Technology and Smart Home Hubs

Many of the newer doorbell cameras and other various CCTV equipment can now be connected and integrated straight into your smart home systems.

While this isn’t necessary to get great use from a CCTV system, it’s certainly convenient and we as consumers, often spend money on nothing but ease of use and how cool the applications are on our mobile phones.

The fact that CCTV systems are now offering and integrating this technology is a huge advantage to owning a CCTV camera system if you ask me.

#6- Protecting Locations We Don’t Frequent and Need to Keep an Eye On

So, we know that CCTV cameras can protect our homes and even our business but what about our vacation home that’s in another state? How about our secondary structures such as sheds, Morton building or even a guest house?

CCTV camera systems are often purchased and only used for the obvious reasons, but with the new technology such as solar-powered cameras or battery-powered devices, you can begin implementing

CCTV cameras for many additional uses. In my book, anytime other capabilities are offered with one purchase, I consider this a strong reason to consider purchasing a CCTV camera system.

#7- Perfect Application to Gather Evidence and Information

What if CCTV camera systems didn’t exist at traffic lights or even on main building providing protection. CCTV systems aren’t always used just to deter criminals on your property but help keep society in order and keep bad people from doing bad things.

Not to mention the fact that they help bring justice to the criminal wrongdoers when they do break the law. Without CCTV camera systems in our world, there would be chaos and the world would become free for fall.

For the mere fact that a world without CCTV camera technology scares the hell out of me, I’m chalking this up as a significant advantage in favor of purchasing a CCTV camera system.

#8- Capable of Being Extremely Easy to Install

Depending on the actual system you choose to purchase, CCTV systems can be installed in a matter of minutes. Especially wireless CCTV technology. This requires a clever placement to capture as much ground as possible, a power source and a mobile download and you are good to go.

Depending on your actual needs and ability to self-install a system, this is a huge plus considering installation can often be expensive and undesirable to have completed.

Another point in favor of purchasing a CCTV system.

#9- Often Interchangeable with Other CCTV or Home Security Devices

Depending on how new the CCTV technology is that you opt to purchase, you can really start seeing technology shine in the best possible light when you can interchange equipment and upgrade freely.

I love any electronic device that allows for this for a few reasons. First, I love to upgrade electronics and do so without changing every single piece of hardware every time.

When you have interchangeable equipment, you afford yourself the ability to change out cameras and other hardware while saving money on devices you don’t feel like messing with.

This is an under-rated benefit with CCTV camera systems and something most people should consider when purchasing a new camera system.

CCTV Camera Systems Clearly Serve A Strong Purpose

This clearly illustrates that CCTV camera systems and home security has many benefits that may not be mentioned all that often. They certainly do, and I can’t imagine a world where CCTV systems just fail to exist ultimately. I don’t that will ever happen.

Although they don’t prevent all negative activity, they sure avoid a considerable percentage of it, and it’s something that gives us as a society a feeling that allows us to rest easy at night.

Unfortunately, as we stated in the intro of this blog post when something has so many positives, it’s very rare that you don’t run into some negatives.

Now it’s time to pull back the curtain and discuss the negative aspects of owning a CCTV camera system and let you be the judge and jury and decide if it’s something you are genuinely looking to purchase.

The 5 Cons and Disadvantages of Owning a CCTV Camera System

#1- They Don’t Prevent All Criminal Activity. Not by A Long Shot

Well, one of the most substantial advantages of a CCTV camera system is also one of their biggest downfalls. They can’t prevent all criminal activity and they likely never will. However, this is no fault of the CCTV system itself or the developers who create these systems.

Criminals are merely going to commit crime regardless of the measures we take to control it. Criminals are also smarter than we give them credit for, so they often find clever ways to get around these CCTV systems.

If you think a CCTV system is going to save the day in every situation, you are wrong and should re-consider purchasing a CCTV camera system under these false impressions.

#2- Cost Can Get High Depending on the CCTV System You Choose or Need

Depending on what you need to protect, CCTV camera systems can get costly. Especially for professional use and large properties. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact cost because it can vary so greatly.

However, cheaper options do typically exist but if you truly want all the bells and whistles, need multiple cameras and need total protection, you can often run yourself a hefty bill to complete this job which can be considered one the more significant disadvantages of owning a CCTV camera system.

Don’t be surprised if you need a complex system that runs your multiple thousands of dollars from start to finish to get you up and to run. It’s extremely common and a significant downfall when considering CCTV camera systems.

#3- Professional Installation May Be Necessary in Some Situations

If you decide to purchase a CCTV system that’s POE (Power Over Ethernet) or strictly hardwired and does not use any wireless technology, you are likely to need professional installation.

This is because of drilling into walls, running wires into the ceiling and making sure every camera and device is working correctly.

Professional Installation can also be costly depending on how extensive of a system you are planning to use. When you add this into the original cost of a complex system, things can get much more expensive which is a definite disadvantage of purchasing a CCTV camera system for your home or business.

#4- Recurring Monthly Fees May Be Necessary for Monitoring or Storage Needs

Some CCTV camera systems use storage methods that do not include a DVR. Sometimes you must pay if you need large amounts of storage for access to more “cloud space” which is yet again, another cost associated with owning a CCTV camera system.

Additionally, it’s entirely possible that you must pay for a monitoring service to receive full benefits with some CCTV systems. This could be ADT or Vivint, but when you need these services, you will have another monthly charge showing up each month in your mailbox.

I hate bills, so this is going against owning a CCTV system.

#5- They Can Be Damaged, Break or Need To be Replaced with Use, Weather and Age

CCTV camera systems are not bulletproof. They don’t last forever, and like all electronics and technology, they will need to be replaced from time to time. Some CCTV systems will be damaged by weather, temperatures or even from someone tampering with your system.

Nonetheless, you are not making a lifelong purchase with a CCTV system, and you need to be prepared to fix or purchase new devices when the time calls. Half protecting your home or business is about as good as not purchasing a system at all.

Long story short, if you know you need a system, don’t skimp and buy low-end equipment today and you will likely get more years of use out your system. This again is not a freebie or a chance to not replace equipment in the future.

You will have to replace equipment regardless, and the cost will continue after the original purchase. This can start to add to your total tally and money spent on this system throughout your life.

This is one more point in my book that’s considered a disadvantage of owning a CCTV camera system.

There You Have It. All the Cards Are on The Table

As we promised, we pulled back the curtain to make sure that not only the positives and advantages of CCTV systems have been discussed but pointed out some of the downfalls associated with owning a CCTV system.

Like we stated before, it’s essential that you know both before making a purchase and considering new home security or CCTV system.

Putting It All Together, Like Everything in This World, You Always Have Positives and Negatives

It’s tough to find anything in this world these days that doesn’t come with pros and cons and significant advantages and disadvantages. Heck, even winning the lottery can come with some downfalls when you really break it down and think about it.

CCTV camera systems are no different. However, CCTV camera systems are one of the few things in life that can provide peace of mind, protect our homes and protect our families for a reasonable price.

Even when I personally look at the disadvantages involved with owning a CCTV camera system, I have a tough time not believing fully in owning a system and think they’re worth every penny.

Sure, you need to do some homework and shave cost where you can, but when you really take an in-depth look at the disadvantages, they don’t come close to outweighing the advantages of a reputable and reliable CCTV system.

However, as we promised at the beginning of this post, we are leaving the ball in your court. You be the judge.

Do you believe CCTV camera systems are worth the investment? What’s pros and cons do you recommend we add to our list? Be sure to drop a comment below, and we will be sure to consider adding your recommendation to this post in the future.

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