Wireless Camera Systems

Looking for a new Wireless Camera System? Here are some things to look for when selecting the write camera system for you.

The wireless camera system (also called wireless internet protocol or WIP) system is a relatively new camera system when compared to Closed Caption Television (CCTV) systems. There are a number of front runners also well as merging in the market. Also, you may find Power over Ethernet (PoE) and CCTV systems are blurring the lines between wired and wireless.  

I define wireless cameras as cameras that do not use any wires when transmitting data, or powering the camera.

My Favorite Doorbell

Why I like the Ring Doorbell 2

As I’ve mentioned, I currently own the Ring Video Doorbell, but I like the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for a few reasons. First, this camera records in 1080P. The Ring Doorbell only records in 720P.

Second, the Doorbell 2 can be recharged without removing the entire doorbell. The Doorbell 2 has a quick release for the battery pack, whereas you have to remove the entire doorbell 1 to charge. 

Top Wireless Camera Systems for 2018:

Why the Ring Spotlight is My Camera

I choose the ring spotlight camera for the following reasons:

  • The spotlight: When motion is detected at night, a LED spotlight brightens the area
  • Push notifications: You can elect to have notifications pushed to your phone, tablet, etc.
  • Two-way audio: I think the ability to communicate with people on the other side of the camera
  • Two batteries: You can purchase a second battery to extend the camera life (for an additional fee).
  • Solar powered: You can also purchase a solar panel to have unlimited battery (for an additional fee). 
  • High definition recording: 1080P recording
  • Built in siren: siren can be activated remotely
  • Custom motion sensors: you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion and the distance of the motion sensor

Features I look for in a quality wireless camera

  • Two-way audio: yelling out HEY catches everyone off guard, and helps to increase security
  • Solar power option: solar power will save you many trips up and down a ladder
  • High definition: 1080P is a must
  • Cloud recording: Free if you can get it is the way to go
  • Field a view: The wider the better
  • Weather: make sure it can handle your climate 
  • Live viewing: being able to view whenever and where ever is also must have.

Checkout this video of my spotlight camera detecting motion (about 100 feet away from router).

About wireless cameras

Wireless cameras transmit video over your wireless network. Also, wireless cameras are powered by batteries or solar power. These cameras can be bullet, dome, or pan-tilt-zoom cameras.