Camera Accessories

Do you need accessories for your cameras? I’ve put together a list of accessories based on camera type. 

Accessories will vary based on camera type. For example, a wireless security camera may need additional batteries or a solar panel, whereas a Power over Ethernet system may need additional hard drive. 

Wireless Camera Accessories

Why I picked these Accessories

These cameras will make your life a bit easier when using these cameras. The solar panel and batteries are needed to prevent you from climbing a latter frequently. 

The wall mount will make your camera more secure than the magnetic connection that comes with the Arlo Pro

Power over Ethernet Accessories

Internet Routers

Why I picked these accessories

As I’ve mentioned throughout this site, a good router can really assist your security cameras. I recommend buying tases cameras and creating guest networks, and creating a really strong username and password.

Accessories will vary based on the cameras you purchased. If you have a question leave a note below.