Installing CCTV Systems [9 Situations to Use Professional Install]

After purchasing a new CCTV system, you may be wondering what the best avenue is for getting the system up and ready to use. Maybe you bought a system that requires not much of anything to complete the install such as a doorbell camera swap and perhaps you have an 8 channel CCTV system with a DVR that you plan to hardwire in your home or office.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to understand that sometimes professional install can make sense. I don’t recommend it often if you have the skills and patience to install the system yourself, but nonetheless, it does happen where you need lean on the services of professional installers to get the job done correctly.

However, when is this time? How do you know when the job is too big to tackle and when you need to swallow some pride and let someone else handle the dirty work for you? Well, in my opinion, there are 9 situations where this may happen or come into play where you just don’t have any other choice or time to get the job on your own.

That’s what today’s post is all about. Explaining the 9 scenarios when professional install for CCTV system the only path is you should take to achieve the CCTV system of your desires that functions with no problems.

I’m going to break down these 9 situations to give you an idea and hopefully clear the air a bit about self vs. professional install for specific CCTV systems under certain circumstances.

Pro Install Vs. Self-Install Side Note

The reasons I plan to list out are just a few examples when opting to use professional installation for your CCTV system and when it may be the best option for you. Plenty of other good reasons may present themselves that could also make professional installation a decision that makes the most sense.

When making the final decision on which direction to choose, we like to keep three primary factors in mind in addition to the 9 primary reasons we listed below. Here’s a look at three of those factors.

Factor 1- Time. Do you have the time to self-install your own system? Will you ever actually get around to getting it done if you skip professional installation at the time of the purchase.

Factor 2- Money. Can you pay the extra money for a professional install? If not, you should consider self-install only and potentially self-learn some of the tasks you may not be familiar with by using resources such as YouTube and Google.

Factor 3- Skill. This reverts to reason number 2. If you don’t know how to self-install these systems and have no background with handy work, it may better to lean on professional install or to be sure you self-learn some of the task involved with the process.

Let’s dive into it.

Reasons #1-You Have A Complex or Hardwired CCTV System

Look, some of these systems can be much more difficult for the average person to install. A 16-channel system with advanced motion detection and 16 separate dome cameras needing to be installed is no easy task.

This isn’t even including if you are hardwiring the entire system. Sometimes in situations like this, primarily when being used for professional use or the primary use takes place at a business, it’s better to let a professional handle the job.

That’s what they get paid and what they are trained to do. When you are trying to install the system to be optimized to serve a specific function, but you have no background in CCTV camera installation, you run the risk of making a mistake or installing something incorrectly trying to do everything on your own.

When being used with complex systems and for business use, it’s usually imperative that everything is done correctly and to programmed to serve specific task and functions. If this is the case you are in, let the professionals handle it.

Peace of mind in these situations for your business or an advanced home security system is more important than saving a few dollars on the installation. Not to mention, your time can probably be spent better elsewhere allowing someone else to handle this task.

What may take them an afternoon to complete could potentially take you a week to finish install depending on your skill level. Or longer.

In some situations, such as this one we discussed above, it’s just not worth the hassle to self-install a complex CCTV system.

Reason # 2-You Don’t Enjoy Working from Heights or Scared of Heights

I’m personally terrified of heights. I hate them. I don’t even like roller coasters when I’m strapped in by an alleged safety tested seat belt device.

One of the key factors that many people are often forgetting to consider when deciding if they should self-install or use professional installation comes down to the heights and placements of the actual cameras and other devices.

Sometimes, depending on where you live and depending on the actual placement of the cameras, you may be looking at quite the climb to get your camera to an eave, a peak of the home or even just installed on the siding but up high on the home.

If you like heights, then you should have a blast with this task. If you fear heights, however, you will likely either install the cameras in a less desirable location or make a mistake. Not to mention, you will be terrified the entire time attempting to drill holes or mount the actual camera to the home.

If you are not someone who enjoys getting out the old ladder and drill, you should probably lean on professional installation to get the job done for you. Trust me, at least 1 or two of the cameras are likely to be at the height you’re not 100% comfortable with.

For me, it’s anything above about 8-10 feet when I begin not enjoying myself very much. If this is you, spend a little bit of extra money and let the professionals take over. Reduce your fear in the matter and get the cameras placed where they will be the most valuable to your system and your overall protection.

Reason #3-You Aren’t a Very Handy or Technical Person

Reason # 3 can come down to something straightforward. Perhaps you are just handy at all. Not in any way shape or form. Maybe you don’t even understand electronics very well, but your wife has pushed you into getting a new home CCTV system. If this is the case, that’s perfectly fine.

Many people are not that good with a set of hand tools although they probably think that they are. Installing CCTV cameras on the outside of the home or business will require some basic knowledge of hand tools whether you believe it or not.

Not to mention, a lack of knowledge may not only lead to a poor install or devices not functioning correctly, but you also run the risk of visually blemishing or causing damage to the exterior or interior of the home or office.

If you don’t’ know your way around wiring, a power drill or the simple tools in life, it’s most likely better to admit your shortcomings and consider a professional installing your system.

No point in spending 4 days installing the system incorrectly and having to ultimately call a professional company to come and fix the mistakes.

If this is you, do everyone involved a favor and just hire someone to finish this job for you. For the cost, I doubt you will be too upset or discouraged by this decision.

Reason # 4-The Cost Isn’t Much Additional, or a Promotion is Running

Okay, now let’s consider the reverse side of this entire process. Maybe you are great with hand tools, you are not afraid of heights, and you understand the complex CCTV systems. What if it was cheap to have a pro-install the cameras anyways?

Sometimes, retail stores such as BestBuy are running promotions with other wholesalers or CCTV system providers. Sometimes this can be with a company such as Vivint or someone else.

The point being is that often, you will find these deals where if you buy a certain number of products, cameras or spend a total amount of money, install may be dirt cheap or completely free.

Now, if you are really that good with installing them yourself, you don’t have to take this advice but if it’s literally not going to cost you much or anything additional to allow the professionals to install the system then why not go for it?

Don’t you think you could be spending your time somewhere much more valuable or doing/scheduling a fun activity with the family?

That’s just my two cents of course, but if it was me in your shoes in this situation, I’d 100% be letting the pros install my CCTV system if it wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg to do so.

Reasons # 5- You Are Opting to Use a Professional Monitoring Service or Company

This is when your hands are a bit more tied in the decision of professional vs. self-install. If you opt to use a company such as Vivint, Comcast or even someone such as ADT, you are not going to be afforded the luxury of choosing to self-install nearly as often, if at all.

These companies want to place the cameras, ensure everything is working and handle the install from the beginning to the end.

It makes sense, right? Their professional credibility is on the line, and they want to ensure the system is working correctly and that you have the devices in places to deter criminals. Allowing you to self-install could cause issues and have service techs running’s to fix problems and other troubleshooting issues with the system over time.

Not to mention, they don’t want their name on the line in situations where something tragic does happen but was potentially due to a bad install or because if an individual consumer that wanted to take things into their own hands.

If you are leaning towards using one of these professional monitoring companies, you likely will get to kick your feet back, watch the game and enjoy the day because this is one scenario where you probably won’t be installing your own CCTV system.

Hate to break it to you.

Reason #6- You Just Don’t Have the Time in Your Schedule Allocated for The Install

Maybe none of the potential reasons why you would have to let the professionals install your system have applied to you up to this point in the post. Sometimes you should make the professionals handle the job for the no other reason than you only just don’t have time to self-install the system by yourself.

That’s perfectly fine if this is the situation with you. Not having time to install a CCTV system due to a demanding working schedule, demanding family life or other reasons isn’t really a good excuse not to have a CCTV system in place to protect your family.

Especially when you can’t be around very often. It is, however, an excellent excuse not to install that said CCTV system by yourself.

Whatever the case may be in this situation, your family, home and business still deserve the attention and protection.

If you can’t handle the job yourself, always opt and inquire about placing a CCTV system on the home. Just let the professionals take on the heavy lifting while you keep meeting the demands of everyday life.

Reason #7- You Are OCD About the Details and Want Everything Perfect

This reason is a bit of a catch-22. Some would argue that if you want the install to be perfect that you may opt to install the system yourself, but I disagree.

The professionals who install these cameras and CCTV systems are professionals for a reason. They know the ins and outs with this equipment and how to install/ set them up correctly.

If you are the kind of the person that needs this system to look perfect, function perfectly and have no fears at losing connectivity or even power, I’d recommend allowing a professional to handle this task for you.

Reason #8- You Can Afford It. Money Is No Longer an Issue or Factor

I know that none of us reading this post prefer to spend money or waste money on needless items, but sometimes the only reason people choose to self-install CCTV systems is pure because of cost. If this is you, that’s perfectly fine and go ahead and self-install.

However, sometimes money isn’t an issue for individuals, and they can float the extra $100.00-$500.00 to have the system installed by the pros.

If you have no real hard reasons holding you back from professional install, I’d personally recommend just allowing the pros to install the system. You can ensure the work will be done correctly and you have someone to fall back on and or blame if something does go wrong in the future with the system.

Reason #9- Your Running Very Expensive Equipment and Lots of It

The final reason on our list today when debating between self-installation and professional installation comes down to the cost of equipment and how much equipment you currently need installed on the home.

If you are running very high-end equipment for something such as business or professional use, it may be wise to allow the professionals to handle the setup and installation.

Often these setups can have advanced options for motion detection or even advanced options for items such as when the camera is set to record to the DVR and what angle the camera will be performing this action from.

If this is the case and you don’t currently have an extensive background in CCTV cameras and the ins and outs about, they work, it’s probably much smarter to allow the professionals to install your system for you. There is no point in potentially installing incorrectly, mis programming the correct functions or damaging any high-end excellent equipment in the process,

Let the professionals handle this more extensive or more expensive task while you handle running the day to day operations of the business.

That’s the way it was to meant to be.

Putting It All Together, Sometimes Professional Install Is the Way to Go

Clearly, the individual buyer when it comes to CCTV systems all have various situations, circumstances, and backgrounds. Some people are just too busy to install their own CCTV camera system. Others may want no other option presented to them, and self-installation is the only method they are willing to consider.

Self-installation will undoubtedly save you plenty of money but at the same time, depending on your skill level may burn up a lot of valuable hours and effort trying to get the system functioning correctly or performing all the necessary functions it should be.

Whatever decision you decide to make, you just need to ensure it makes sense for your schedule, budget and overall needs from your CCTV system. At the end of the day, either option is perfectly okay to choose.

What’s your take on professional installation vs. self-installation for your CCTV system? Would you only go one way or the other? What’s the reasoning behind that decision? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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