How Long Does The Ring Battery Last? This Number Will Disappoint You

I love my Ring Doorbell 1 in very way. I like the ability to monitor my home from anywhere around that world, I like that I can tell the door-to-door salesperson ‘I’m not interested,’ without leaving the house, and I like that I can review saved events at any time.

There is just one little thing that drives me nuts: the battery life.

To answer the original question: ‘How long does ring battery last,’ in my experience, the battery will last anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks. Of course, the length of time will vary based on several factors including location, motion zone and frequency, and traffic in the area.

Continue reading to see what factors play a role in the battery life for this device. Also, I will discuss possible ways to increase the battery life for the market-leading doorbell.

Before we get started, this post is an observation of the battery life for the Ring Video Doorbell 1. This observation does not include any other Ring device and only applies to battery powered devices.


Before we discuss the video doorbell battery life, I want to spend a few minutes where my video doorbell is located. I believe that this is important because it has a direct impact on the battery life of the doorbell.


This doorbell is in Wisconsin. While temperatures usually range between 32 – 85 degrees, this year we saw near record setting lows of -27. I believe that temperature may play a role in the battery life of the camera.

In addition, this doorbell faces South. The doorbell itself is receiving direct sunlight most of the day during the summer and have of the day during the winter. The video doorbell is uncovered and is exposed to all weather events.

Another thing to consider is this doorbell is located on a corner lot of a subdivision, just off a semi-busy street. It is common to see people pulling into the subdivision to make U-turns and kids being dropped off at the bus stop.


Another very important aspect of battery life are the settings that have been configured. In this section, I will discuss the motion settings I have created for my video doorbell.

Motion Zones

Ring motion zones allow you to configure the area your video doorbell will detect motion. On many of the cameras, you can set the motion zone by plotting points on the live view screen. On the original Ring Video Doorbell, the zones are split into three sections (left, middle, right). In addition, you can configure each zones motion detection distance between 0 and 30 feet.

I have my motion zones configured to detect motion at the maximum distance of 30 feet for each zone. In addition, the doorbell is slightly elevated from ground level. Because of this, my doorbell will detect motion of cars driving on the street, and people walking dogs on the other side of the street.

Motion Frequency

Simply put, motion frequency is how often your Ring Video Doorbell attempts to capture motion events. There are three settings: frequent, standard, and light. As the name implies, frequent will capture every motion event and send you a push notification to your mobile device. A Frequent setting will reduce our battery life.

The standard motion frequency records motion events less frequently than the frequent setting. Using this setting will consume the standard amount of battery.

Finally, the light motion frequency provides the longest battery life, but records fewer events and provides less push notifications.

Currently, my video doorbell is set to frequent, the highest level. I like this setting because I can see everything that happens around my property. In fact, I have all my video doorbells configured to the highest sensitivity level.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the location of the video doorbell and the most important settings, let’s look at when the battery drains so quickly.

Why Does My Battery Drain So Fast?

I believe there are several reasons why my battery dies quickly. Those reasons include:

  • Weather
  • Location
  • Environment
  • Motion settings
  • Live viewing

In the next section, we will look at each of these reasons more closely.

Weather/ Environment

I believe that the weather, and the fact the video doorbell is uncovered, has a direct impact on how long the battery lasts. The temperatures in Wisconsin in February are consistently at or below the lower temperature limit (-5) for this device. As I noted in an earlier blog post, because of a record-setting cold snap, I would need to recharge my battery after one week.

My video doorbell is also affected by other types of weather including snow, wind, and rain. It is very common for my motion to detect motion because a raindrop hit the camera lens at the perfect angle, or when the wind gusts higher than 35 miles per hour.

Finally, I believe that the fact that the sun directly shines on the video doorbell for a large portion of the say has a negative impact on battery life. In my opinion, because we do not have an overhang, the sun shines on the doorbell resulting in additional heat.


I also think that the location has a huge impact on my video doorbell’s battery life. As I mentioned, the doorbell is located on a corner lot, just off a main road. The lot location is the first intersection when cars pull into the intersection, and the last one when others leave. In addition, this location is a bus stop for several school busses, and a main route for delivery trucks.

Motion Settings

Possibly the most important factory in shortening the battery life is the motion settings. As I mentioned, I have my video doorbell set to detect motion from all motion zones at the furthest distance (30 feet). In addition, I have the doorbell set to record at the highest frequency.

When you combine these facts, it’s easy to see when the battery life is short. In the next section, I will discuss when I think my doorbell drains the fastest.

Live Viewing

Viewing you video doorbell live, called live viewing, can reduce your battery quickly. This occurs because the video doorbell is sending and receiving information (data) from a mobile device. Battery drainage occurs even faster if you activate two-way communication.

When Does My Battery Drain Faster?

It appears the battery drains faster when the doorbell is at the outer limits of the temperature range. When temperatures are a cold as -5, or as hot at +110, the doorbell must work harder to complete tasks. The doorbell expends more energy, which it receives from the battery.

Also, the battery appears to drain faster if there are multiple events that occur in a short period of time. For example, the battery appears to drain faster in the morning when kids are walking to the school bus and people are leaving for work. Also, the evening rush also results in a noticeable reduction in battery life.

How to Increase Battery Life?

There are several ways to reduce the battery life, including:

  • Turning off motion detection
  • Reducing motion detection distance
  • Reducing motion zones
  • Provide cover for the device
  • Try the solar panel accessory
  • Fewer live events
  • Reduce motion detection frequency

Now that we have a few ways to extend the battery life, let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Reduce Motion Detection Distance

As I’ve mentioned, my motion detection distance is set to 30 feet. Because of this, I receive a lot of notifications with cars passing by. If I reduce the motion detection distance to 15 feet, I will only receive events when someone is approaching the house.

Also, because I have a security camera overlooking my driveway, I don’t need the video doorbell detecting motion in that direction.

Turn Off Motion Zones

Another option is to turn off one or two motion zones. Turning off a motion zone will reduce the number of detection because it will no longer activate when my neighbor pulls into their driveway. I could turn off the left and right motion zones, and only receive notifications from directly in front of my door.

Fewer Live Viewing

I can extend the battery life if I cut the number of live viewing in half. I could limit motion viewing to when the doorbell is ringing, or if there are repeated motion detection events that occur frequently at the video doorbell.

Another option is to not use all the features when in live view. Instead of using two-way audio, just listen to the guests standing outside of my home.

Provide Cover For The Device

Since I believe that the direct sunlight has an impact on battery life, I think adding some type of cover can help extend the battery life. I could append a piece of wood or plastic that reduce the amount of direct sunlight. This would also help reduce some of the rain and snow that hits the video doorbell as well.

Benefits of Using a Video Doorbell with a Battery

The biggest benefit to use a video doorbell with a battery is it can be mounted almost anywhere. This device can be attached to stucco, brick, or vinyl siding. You can adjust your doorbell higher or lower without damaging your home too much.

Another benefit of using a video doorbell with a battery is the optional solar panel. Using a solar panel can save on energy costs, and it’s better for the environment.


To conclude, my Ring Video Doorbell 1 lasts no more than 4 weeks. There are several factors that contribute to the lower than expected battery life. These factors include:

  • Location
  • Environment
  • Ring settings (motion detection, motion zones)
  • Weather
  • Live viewing

There are several ways to extend the battery life but know that these extensions reduce the functionality of the device.

Additional Questions

Can the Ring Doorbell be Hacked?

The Ring video doorbell has several security protocols including WPA and WEA. However, yes, the video doorbell can be hacked because of weak and default passwords. To prevent hacking of your video doorbell, make sure you have strong passwords on your router, WIFI password, and app.

Also, another best practice is to give everyone, including your spouse, shared user permission. NEVER give out the owner username and password.

Does Ring Require a Subscription?

Technically, Ring does not require a subscription. However, if you do not have a subscription, you are unable to save events and view them later. You will only be able to view events as they happen or enter live viewing mode.

Do Doorbell Cameras Record All of the Time?

No, doorbells do not record all of the time. Video doorbells only record when motion is detected. Once motion is detected, the device records for a preconfigured period. Once this time expires, the doorbell enters idle more, waiting for another event.

The event recording can be extended by pressing the push notification or entering the app. When this happens, the event changes from a predetermined recording length to an unlimited recording length

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