How Do I Keep Bugs Off My CCTV Camera? [A Few Easy Approaches]

After going through the process of purchasing a CCTV camera system, you often run into a few more task that needs to be completed. Following your purchase, you often have the installation to worry about. This usually involves either self-installing your system yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

Lastly, what people often overlook when it comes to CCTV camera systems, is the routine use and care for your system that keeps it running smoothly and without issue. On this subject, I often come across a specific question. How do I keep bugs off my CCTV cameras? After owning my own CCTV system and some trial and error, here is what I can tell you on this subject.

So, how do I keep bugs off my CCTV cameras? To keep bugs off your CCTV camera, you have several options. You can apply lubricants to outside casings, disable or limit the use of LED lights and use sprays designed to repel bugs and spiders and spray the entire outer casing of the CCTV camera.

These are a few of the options you have to limit the number of bugs and spiders that can wreak havoc on your CCTV cameras and cause visibility issues, but it surely isn’t the only options you have to help reduce the bugs that hang around and make your CCTV cameras their new home.

This post is designed to help keep your CCTV camera system bug free and break down the methods more in depth for you. Let’s jump into the details now.

Why It’s Essential to Keep Bugs Off Your CCTV Cameras as Much as Possible

CCTV cameras are designed to perform one function. Protect your home, assets, and families. In many circumstances, this can include your businesses as well. It’s essential that after spending the money to purchase the equipment and to have it installed that your system remains running at top-notch quality.

While some aspects like weather, wind, and other destruction certainly pose danger to your cameras and system, other issues may also present themselves. One of those issues is the natural attraction your cameras give off to common bugs.

Spiders and other insects are naturally drawn to the infrared lights and led lights that a vast majority of CCTV cameras are now offering or being sold with these features regularly. Now, the entire goal and task we need to handle are simply keeping these bugs, spiders, and other pests away from our cameras.

This is purely to keep the visibility clear and keep the camera from being exposed to other issues in the future. This leads us into some of the easy things you can begin implementing to help keep the bugs and spider off your CCTV cameras to eliminate this issue altogether.

To kick start things, let’s discuss those LED lights and infrared lights your CCTV cameras may have equipped that is currently acting as a natural attractant for all these pest, bugs and spiders.

Purchase Cameras Without LED Lights or Disable Them to Keep Bugs Away from Your Cameras

While LED lights and infrared lighting that’s often used to aid with night vision on CCTV camera are a great feature and can offer many benefits, they are not necessary.

In fact, some CCTV cameras may come equipped with these features, but by reading the manual, you can turn this feature off. A beautiful piece of the equation is that you don’t have to do this permanently. You can begin by testing the theory. Clean your CCTV cameras off, remove all bugs and spider webs and turn the lighting features off.

While you may lose some of your night vision quality, you can test and see if this is the issue you are having with frequent spider webs or bugs covering your cameras and causing the visibility to be an issue. If it works, make the decision if you need to keep using the lighting features.

If you feel that you need these features, you can find another alternative to remove the bugs and spiders from cameras, but at least now you are aware of what is drawing in all the bugs, pest and spiders.

That gets us started on the conversation on other alternatives you must keep bugs away from your CCTV camera system. Let’s start chatting about those now.

Other Alternatives You Have to Keep Bugs Off Your CCTV Camera System

While turning off the lights is a great solution that will often work better than you may think, you still have other options. Options that also will not force you to lose any of the quality and performance of your system in general. One of those alternatives is to use bugs pray repellent simply.

Take a spider and bug repellent and spray your camera’s case or housing with the repellent. While it may be more of a hassle due to re-applying it frequently, it can certainly be effective and get the job done quickly. You do not need to spray the actual lens or lens housing.

Only the casing and housing of the cameras themselves will be all you need to try this method. Gauge its effectiveness by how often you must really the repellent to keep the bugs away.

You can also swap or try different repellents to see if you can find the perfect spray that deters more bugs with more effectiveness.

Manual Cleaning Your CCTV Cameras Is Always an Option

One of the options that’s discussed much less frequently is simply to get your hands dirty and start cleaning the cameras yourself regularly. This will allow you to keep your LED lights on your camera running. Additionally, this ensures that you are visually inspecting the cameras every week.

Use a broom and ladder if necessary and simply wipe down your cameras and ensure they are always free of spider webs and other bugs forming comfortable homes on your equipment.

While it may be more labor-intensive and time-consuming, it’s a great free way to know for sure the job is getting done and getting done correctly.

Dryer Sheets Can Be Your Secret Weapon to Keep Bugs Off Your CCTV Camera

Dryer sheets have been used in other applications in the past to deter bugs and spiders. Some individuals with gardens will use dryer sheets strategically to keep bugs and pest away from their plants and vegetables.

Individuals have also been known to place dryer sheets outside of their windows during the Spring, Summer, and Fall to keep bugs from entering their home.

You see, bugs are significant for your ecosystem in general, but we only want them in certain areas. Dryer sheets are also an item that we typically already have around the home ready to use. Simply take a dryer sheet for every camera and attach them around the back end of the cameras using a rubber band.

This will help keep all bugs and spiders away from your cameras. The smell alone serves as a strong enough repellant to send bugs and spiders packing and crawling in the opposite direction of your camera system.

A Flea Collar, While Expensive, May Get the Job Done to Prevent Bugs on Your CCTV System

While this may be an effective method to keep bugs off your CCTV camera system, it’s likely the most expensive option and the option I would use last while attempting to deter bugs off my cameras.

Unless you have flea, collars laying around you will come to find out that they are expensive.

Nonetheless, if you have tried other methods and they haven’t worked out in your favor, wrapping a flea collar around your cameras should work great to deter bugs and spider due to the odor they possess.

Give it a try if you have exhausted all other options and see how much effectiveness this method really has.

Other Misc. Lubricants Such as Vaseline Can Also Be Effective to Deter Bugs from Your Cameras

Other lubricants have also been shown to be useful for keeping bugs and spiders off your CCTV cameras. Something as simple as Vaseline is shown to keep bugs and spiders away due to its odor and the fact that it makes the casing of your cameras to click for bugs such as spiders to build their webs.

Give this method a try if you need to keep the bugs away on a budget or don’t have time to schedule regular cleanings that you complete yourself.

Final Word, You Have Many Options to Keep Bugs Off Your System, Choose the Easiest for You

Bugs are a pain with many things we do in our lives. They also can be quite the pain when it comes to keeping a clear view and a clean looking CCTV camera. It’s important to implement at least one of the methods we have discussed here in today’s post.

Regardless which method you choose, you should have good luck with one or many of these techniques and be able to keep your cameras bug and spray free and the lens and visibility functioning at its peak performance.

I’d like your feedback on this as well. Be sure to share your comments and stories below about which method you find the most effective for keeping bugs off your CCTV cameras at your own home or business.

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