Security Camera ebook Volume 1

This ebook takes a look at the current state of security cameras. After a brief introduction, we take a closer look at home security cameras. We address the benefits of using home security cameras, places you should install your security cameras, and much more.

Next, we take a fresh look at body cameras. These cameras are cameras that appear as regular articles of clothing, but also have audio and video recording capabilities.

After discussing the various aspects of body cameras, we look at how hidden cameras have become very common. We look at times when you should consider hidden cameras and cameras that you’ve walked by today that were hidden!

Next, we take on digital recorders. This section includes both audio and video voice recorders.

In section 5 we discuss the benefits of using dummy cameras. We answer the question once and for all, are dummy cameras work it?

After dummy cameras, we provide a three-part buying guide. This guide will help you select the correct camera for your needs. We have created buying guides for spy cameras, home security cameras, and general security camera knowledge.

We conclude the ebook with my favorite security cameras for the body, spy cameras, Power over Ethernet, CCTV and wireless cameras.

Table of Contents

Section I – Introduction

Defining the World of Security Cameras

A Look at Wireless Security Cameras

Surveillance Equipment The Assurance Of Security

CCTV You Are Being Watched No Matter Where You Are

Closed Circuit TV Video Surveillance to Protect Our Security

Section II – Home Security Cameras

Surveillance for the Homeowner

Home Security Cameras – The Icing On The Cake

How To Secure Your Home With Surveillance Cameras

Tips for Buying a Home Security Camera

Section III – Body Cameras

Body Cameras at Height of Miniaturization

Body Cameras You’d Never Guess

Clever Types of Body Cameras

Get Your Suspect With Body Cameras

Section IV – Hidden Cameras

A Look At Who Has A Hidden Security Camera And Why

Covert Hidden Cameras Put the Sneak in Sneaking

Keep Your Home/ Business Safe With Covert Hidden Cameras 1

Keep Your Home/ Business Safe With Covert Hidden Cameras 2

Section V – Digital Recorders

All in One Hidden Digital Video Recorders

Capture Details with Digital Voice Recorders

Section VI – Dummy Cameras

Is a Dummy Home Security Camera Economical?

Are Fake Security Cameras Effective

Section VII – Buying Guides

Your Guide To Buying Security Cameras

How To Buy A Spy Camera In 3 Easy Steps

How to choose a Home Security Camera

Section VII – Recommended Products

Body Cameras

Spy cameras

Power Over Ethernet Cameras

CCTV Cameras

Wireless Cameras

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