Do Fake CCTV Cameras Deter Thieves? [A Risky Approach]

Considering taking the ultimate budget-friendly approach with your CCTV system? I’ve seen an odd question pop up online lately, and it’s triggered my curiosity, to say the least. It’s simple in nature, but I wanted to investigate further. Do fake CCTV cameras deter thieves? After research and including my own thoughts, here’s my answer on this topic.

So, do CCTV cameras deter thieves? Fake CCTV cameras will deter thieves. The physical appearance of a security system is in place can deter thieves from performing the criminal activity on your property. Some criminals could recognize your CCTV is fake and continue to act out undesired behaviors.

I get that this answer could still leave you wondering what the best approach may be for your CCTV camera system, and if using dummy cameras is really a viable approach. Of course, you have several considerations to keep in mind. 

In this post, if you stick around for a few minutes, I’m going to break down the benefits of using this approach but also inform you of some of the dangers that you may run up against if you opt to use non-functional CCTV cameras to protect your properties, assets, and families. 

Let’s jump into those details now.

Fake CCTV Cameras Still Look Very Real and Could Potentially Get the Job Done

The benefits of using this approach should be somewhat apparent. Fake CCTV cameras are likely going to look very similar to fully functioning CCTV cameras and could throw your local criminals for a doozy in many situations. 

At the end of the day, the fake CCTV cameras hold the exact same purpose as real CCTV cameras. Deter unwanted activities from taking place on your property and keep your family and assets safe at all time. 

However, for a CCTV camera that’s non-functioning to really sell itself as a deterrent, it does need to offer a few features that can give the appearance of a real CCTV camera in the best possible fashion.

For instance, a fake CCTV camera that stands a chance at being displayed as a real CCTV camera need to at least show some indication that it’s powered on and functioning. Typically, the easiest way to give this appearance is to have a fake CCTV camera that at least has a power indicator light that illuminates.

This can go a long way in demonstrating to potential criminals that your camera is real and whatever act of crime they are considering committing on your property is likely to be captured on tape and not worth their time (although we know this isn’t the case).

Other Pros and Cons to Consider When Purchasing Fake CCTV Cameras

Outside of ensuring that you have the power light indicator and a camera that looks like any functioning CCTV camera, you do have other considerations that you need to cross off your list before making a final decision.

Like we stated previously, in many circumstances, these cameras are going to serve as a reliable deterrent against criminal activity. Additionally, you are likely to be able to get the job done at a much cheaper cost. 

Not only do you get to avoid the cost of installation and storage, you get to likely purchase the camera’s for much cheaper considering they have no real abilities that are fully functioning cameras will offer such as night vision, frames per second and high-quality recording abilities.

For a budget shopper needing some form of protection, this is when it may seem like the most viable route. 

Especially if you want to keep your savings account with a healthy balance but also doing your best to keep criminals off your property and not attempting to pickpocket all of your nice tools in your garage when you can’t be around to physically deter the activity yourself.

Don’t Go to Cheap on Dummy Cameras, It May Backfire

One of the biggest and most significant recommendations I can give you in this post is to point out that although criminals and thieves are up to no good, doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t masters at their craft.

The point being simple. If you go cheap and it’s clear you are using a fake or dummy camera, you won’t be afforded the same protection, and a seasoned criminal may be able to spot the difference quickly. Therefore, it’s a big deal to at least make sure it gives a full impression of being real.

The power light is just one avenue you can take to make sure you do this correctly. Additionally, you want to make sure it looks like all the other fully functional CCTV cameras that are currently available on the market.

An easy way to do this is to shop around or do some due diligence to ensure you have a camera that’s resembling most of the common choices available on major marketplaces such as Amazon or even an electronics retailer such as Best Buy.

At the end of the day, if you aren’t deterring the criminal activity, you are still wasting your money, and it would make more sense for you at this point to either spend the additional and to have a full functioning CCTV system or not to even purchase the dummy cameras, to begin with.

Hopefully, this makes sense. I just don’t see a reason to spend a small amount of money to have a break still take place, property possibly still stolen or property damages or worse occur when you could either spend more to get the job done or spend less to achieve the same results. 

That’s just my opinion on the matter at least.

Don’t Go with Dummy Cameras When the Chance of Break in’s May Be High

Another time to never use this approach is if you live in an area where the chance of a break in is high. Clearly, it’s nice to think you could get away with a system for much cheaper, but at the end of the day, if you live in a high crime area, it’s very risky to use dummy cameras.

Think of crimes that are far worse than a stolen tv from your garage. You could live in an area that has home invasions, assaults, or even kidnappings take place. This is the time that you need to have a real functioning system in place.

Remember that a fully functioning system is going to assist with alerting you, the authorities and give you the change to catch the criminal in the act or after the fact with high-quality footage. If you live in a very low crime area and don’t have the budget, this could be a great approach.

However, if you live in these dangerous areas (you know who you are), then you need to spring for the real deal. Many online vendors and retailers offer great financing options that can help you afford a functioning CCTV system.

When it comes to my children’s protection or even my homes protection, this is one area where I typically am not going to be shy or scared to drop a few extra bucks, but I suppose that’s ultimately your decision.

What About A Combination of Both Dummy and Real CCTV Cameras?

This is another area where I see questions arise. This again, could be an option on a tight budget, but my thinking for this question would be “why”? Why would you spend some money on the real thing and then have areas of the property not protected correctly?

It just doesn’t add up to me. A criminal that understands his craft may even be able to figure this out, and at the end of the day, if you are half protected, you really aren’t protected at all and will always be at risk.

Me personally, this isn’t the direction I would go, but again, the choice is yours and not mine. I’m strictly here to provide my advice and nothing more.

Final Word, While Dummy Cameras May Work, They Can Also Leave You Greatly Exposed

At the end of the day, nobody understands your budget and living situation better than you do. Don’t get me wrong. Dummy cameras may get the job for years to come. However, the only way to know for sure that you are protected is to spring and buy the real system.

Save up some money and get the job done right but if you have been experiencing a high amount of crime and issues in your area, you may want to begin at least implementing some form of a strategy to keep your property, assets, and family safe.

At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about and why CCTV cameras exist in general. Protect your family, assets, and property and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.

I’d love to get your feedback on this topic as well. Do you believe that dummy CCTV cameras can get the job done effectively? When would you implement them, and would you ensure that you have the real system? Be sure to share your stories and drop a comment below.

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