Can You View Ring Doorbell Anytime?

One of the reasons I purchased a video doorbell was the ability to see what is happening at my front door at any time.

To answer the question “Can you view Ring Doorbell anytime,” the answer is yes, as long as your battery is not labeled ‘critically low’ and your doorbell is connected to the internet. As long as these two conditions are met, you can see what’s happening in and around the neighborhood.

Continue reading to see how to access the live view of your doorbell, how can see the live viewing, and more.

Who Can View the Ring Doorbell Live?

The Ring Doorbell can only be viewed by people that have been given the authorization to access your account. This access includes shared users, guests, and people that have your username and password. If these users have access to your account, they will be able to view both live and recorded events. As the owner, you have the ability to add and remove people from this list.

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Shared User

A shared user is simply someone that you have allowed to view your doorbell and the other devices included in your Ring ecosystem. As the owner, you can grant the shared user the ability to view one or all devices included in your RIng account.

The benefit of using the shared user setting is you can see who is making changes, and prevent a user from making changes where they shouldn’t. Using the shared user is the recommended way of providing access to other users.

How to Add a Shared User?

To add a shared user, simply follow the below steps:

  • Log into your Ring app
  • Find “settings” in the hamburger menu
  • Under settings, select ‘Users’
  • Press ‘ADD USER’ at the bottom of the screen
  • Select ‘Shared User’
  • Enter the new users’ email address
  • Select which devices you want the user to have access to
  • Press ‘SEND INVITE’

Once you press ‘send invite’, an email will be sent to the new user with directions. These directions will include how to download the app, how to install the app, and a basic tutorial.

Guest User

A guest user only has the ability to enable and disable the Ring Security System. The benefit of the guest account is not giving your regular password to a temporary user. In addition, once the user is gone, you can delete the temporary password, preventing the guest from turning off the alarm.

Giving Other Users Your Account Information

The least secure, and not recommended, a way of allowing others to view live and recorded events is to share the owner’s username and information. In this situation, you have given your spouse full access to make changes to the account.

The reason this is not recommended is this method introduces another opportunity for fault. Your spouse can make changes to your settings, lose their device, or some other instance that could compromise your home’s security.

Why Would You Want to View Your Camera Live?

There are a few reasons why you’d want to view your Ring doorbell live including suspicious behavior around your home, confirmation that an event occurred, or trouble shooting.

Suspicious Behavior

One of the main reasons I will live view my doorbell is when I see multiple events occur within a short period of time. For example, I will access the live view if I see 3 or events occur within a 2 minute timeframe. Usually, the multiple events occur because the wind is blowing something down the street, but it’s good to check just in case.


Another reason to take a live look is to conform that a scheduled event has happened. This event could be a package was delivered, kids returning home from school, or some other event that you are expecting.

How to See if Live View is Enabled?

There are a couple ways to see if your live view is working correctly. Both ways include navigating to the Doorbells home page. Once you are at the device home page, look at the large “LIVE VIEW’ button. If that button is blue, then your live view is working. Press that button and within a few seconds, you should see a live view of your home.

If this button is faded, it means live view is not available. As I mentioned earlier, there are a few reasons why live viewing may not be working. I discuss those later in this article.

If the blue button is greyed out, continue to “video settings’ on this page. After you press the video setting button, it will take you to a single setting. If the setting is blue, then live viewing is enabled. If the setting white/ grey, then live viewing is not enabled. To enable live viewing, press that button. If done correctly, you will see a popup “SAVED.”

When are You Unable to View the Doorbell Live?

If your live view button isn’t solid blue, then you’re currently unable to view your camera live. The primary reasons you are unable to view your camera live is your battery has low/ no power, or your camera is not connected to the internet. Below are directions to see if your battery has low/ no power.

How to Check if the Battery has Low or No Power?

Rings makes it very easy to tell if your battery is low or dead. First, they send an email when your battery is around 10%. The email headline will say “{device name} battery is low.’ The email will go on to provide directions on how to change or charge your battery.

The second way Ring communicates that the battery is low is on the ‘Devices’ page. When you navigate to this page (open Ring app -> hamburger menu at the top left -> devices), you will see a list of your devices. If your doorbell is low, it will say low or critically low battery in red letters.

The third way Ring communicates to you that the battery is low is on the device’s dashboard. When you press the doorbell on the devices page, it will take you to the device homepage. In the top right, just under the widget, there is a battery. If that battery is red, you need to change or charge the battery.

Not connected to the internet

This one is a little more difficult to troubleshoot. It could be that the doorbell lost connection to your wireless network or your network is not working. The best way to resolve this is to troubleshoot when you or someone else is at home.

Once someone is home, check the internet connection by connecting your phone, or laptop to the internet. If that connects fine, then it’s the video doorbell.

How to View your Camera Live?

There are two ways to view your doorbell camera live: by an event, or by navigating to the live view button. An event, when motion or detected, or the doorbell is pressed, will send a push notification to your mobile device. If you see this notification, press it, then you will be taken to the live view.

Note: push notifications must be enabled on the smart phone.

The second way to view your doorbell live is to navigate to the blue button I discussed earlier. Follow the below directions to access your doorbell

  • Login to the app
  • hamburger menu (top left)
  • Devices
  • Doorbell
  • Live view button

How does Live Viewing Work?

While Ring has not shared exactly how live viewing works, it is reasonable to believe that the process it this: once you request live viewing, a request is sent to Ring serves. The servers communicate with your doorbell (though your internet connection) to create a connection. Once the connection is accepted, you can hear and see live events occurring at your doorbell.

Once connected, you may see a slight delay between your camera recording and live events. This is normal as it takes milliseconds to relay the feed.

What are the Drawbacks of Live Viewing

The biggest drawback to live viewing your doorbell is the toll it takes on your doorbell. Because there is an open connection, your doorbell will lose battery much faster than normal. This isn’t a factor if your doorbell is hardwired.

A second drawback of live viewing is the impact it has on your bandwidth. Like the power consumption, using an open connection will constantly consume bandwidth and data usage. Be aware of these factors if you’re on a metered plan.


To conclude, in most cases, you can view your doorbell at any time. The only times you are unable to view your doorbell is when it has a low battery, it isn’t connected to the internet, or live viewing hasn’t been enabled. While there are a few drawbacks, live viewing provides peace of mind, confirmation, and other benefits.

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