Can the Ring Video Doorbell Be Stolen?

When I first heard of the Ring Video Doorbells, I wondered how difficult it would be for someone to just walk away with with it .

Yes, the Ring Video Doorbell can be stolen. But, in order to steal the doorbell, you either need special tools or an incredible about of force. In addition, if your Ring Doorbell is stolen, Ring will replace it for free. In order to steal the ring doorbell, you either need the special screwdriver included with all Ring devices or physically pull the mounting bracket out of its location.

In this post, I will discuss who, what, when, where, why, and how your Ring Video Doorbell could be stolen. This post isn’t meant to be a guide for theft, this post is designed to show how difficult it would be if someone wanted to see the Ring Video Doorbell.

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Why It would Dumb to Steal a Ring Video Doorbell

Before I discuss how the Ring Video Doorbell could be stolen, I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss why it would be dumb for someone to attempt to do it.

The Thief is Being Recorded

The biggest reason why it would be dumb for someone to attempt to steal a Ring Doorbell is that the criminal would be caught in the act as there would be a recording of the entire crime. I assume that many users of the Ring Doorbell use it for both motion detection and for the doorbell function and when someone comes within range, they are picked up on camera.

In addition, the event recordings are not stored on the device, they are stored in the cloud. Because the recording is stored in the cloud, the video can’t be deleted by the thief. This recording can be sent directly to police as well as anyone that has the Ring app.

As I mentioned earlier, most I assume most ring users use the motion detection function included with the Ring Doorbell. This means that homeowners can see in real time that their camera is being stolen. While the thief is attempting to steal the doorbell, the homeowner is contacting the police. Depending on the location, the police may be at the homeowner’s location before the thief can remove the device.

The Device Can Found Easily

Let’s assume that the thief steals the doorbell. The thief now has two options, sell the device or take it apart. If the thief breaks the device, then it is useless, but if the thief sells it, eventually, it will be connected to the internet. Once the device is connected to the internet, Ring will have the devices’ location, address, and contact information of the person that attempted to connect it to the internet.

In an effort to recoup the cost of replacing the doorbell, I’m sure that Ring would contact the authorities to contact the person that attempted to connect the device to the internet. Eventually, the police will catch the person the committed the crime.

Don’t attempt to steal doorbells, or anything, as there is a good chance you will be caught.

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Who would attempt to steal the Ring Video Doorbell?

Personally, I believe that are three types of people that would attempt to steal a video doorbell, they are someone looking to make a quick dollar, someone attempting to cover up another crime, or neighborhood kids looking for something to do.

In this section we will take a brief look at these three types of people.

Someone Looking to Make a Quick Dollar

The first type of person that may attempt to steal a video doorbell is someone that is looking to make a quick buck. This individual sees this piece of electronics and thinks they can sell it at a pawn shop for a few dollars.

This person will be caught easily because it is an impulse crime. This individual has not taken the time to think about the pros and cons of committing the crime. In addition, this person may not fully understand what it is they are stealing, they simply see a piece of hardware that may be worth money.

The next type of person may be a little more difficult to catch.

Someone Looking to Cover Up Another Crime

The second type of person may attempt to steal a video doorbell if they’ve already committed a crime and are looking to cover their tracks. One example is a thief may have broken into the homeowners home, or a home next door.

This type of individual may have done research on the location and is aware of security cameras that are in the area. If this criminal has done his homework, then they know issues that may land him in jail/ prison. This person may also attempt to conceal his identity when committing the crime.

Neighborhood Kids

The final type is neighborhood kids that are looking for something to do. This group may be off for summer or winter break and have nothing to do. Out of boredom, they may decide to test the limits of the law. This is also an extremely impulsive decision that will result in the thiefs getting caught.

What Parts of the Video Doorbell would They Attempt to Steal?

In most cases, the thief will attempt to steal the doorbell, but it’s also possible for them to attempt to steal the mounting bracket, and/ or the solar panel. If the thief is looking to make a quick buck, they will attempt to steal the most valuable parts first, and those parts are the doorbell and solar panel.

However, if the thief is looking to keep the doorbell, they may attempt to take all aspects of the doorbell. In most cases, the thief will attempt to grab as much as they can, in as short of time as possible because the longer they are committing the crime, the higher the chances of getting caught.

When Will They Attempt to Steal the Video Doorbell?

Numerous studies show that most break-ins occur during the day when homeowners are likely to be at work. 65% of break-ins occur between 6 am and 6 pm, and this would also be true for video doorbells. Make sure you have motion detection activated during these periods to catch potential criminals in the act.

How to Prevent Someone From Stealing your Video Doorbell

There are a few ways to prevent your Ring Video Doorbell from being stolen. The first way is to make sure the security screws are as tight as possible. Ring has security screws on all of their doorbells to increase the difficulty in stealing the device. If you tighten the screws as tight as possible by hand, it will be very difficult from someone to pull the device off. The thief would need the special security screwdriver.

The next way to prevent someone from stealing your doorbell is to activate and monitor the motion detection. Personally, I recommend setting the motion distance set to 30 feet, and the sensitivity set to high. The reason I recommend these two settings is because you will be repeatedly notified if something is occurring at your front door. This will give you an opportunity to see what is happening and make contact with the thief.

Another way to prevent your video doorbell from being stolen is to download both the mobile and desktop applications. Assuming you work in an office, Ring has a desktop application for IOS and Windows that you can download for free. This app is like the app you have on your phone, but for your computer.

The final way to reduce the chances of your video doorbell from being stolen is to make sure the mounting bracket is installed correctly. Make sure the screws included with the mounting bracket are screed in completely, and the mounting bracket is firmly against the wall. If the mounting bracket is installed correctly, it will take an incredible amount of force to remove the bracket from the wall.

Also, consider installing motion-activated lights around your home. These lights act as a deterrent to committing crimes, and the lights will improve the quality of your recordings.

Additional Questions

Does the Ring Doorbell actually Ring?

Yes, the Ring Doorbell actually rings. In will ring in a few places including at the doorbell, on your mobile device (via Ring app), and the Ring Chime. When the doorbell is pushed (button at the center of the Ring Doorbell) it makes a sound wich can be configured. This sound is to let people on the outside that the button has been pressed, as it is very difficult to hear the ring on the inside.

If you have your sound enabled on your mobile device, you will hear a sound whenever someone presses the doorbell. In addition, if you have motion detection notification enabled, you will hear a sound when motion is detected. Once you hear the ring, you can open up the mobile app and view and interact with the person standing at your door.

You can also hear when someone rings your Ring Doorbell if you purchase the Ring Chime. This accessory can be placed anywhere in the home and will ring when the doorbell is pushed or when motion is detected. This accessory is great to place upstairs or at the opposite end of your home/ office.

In the Ring Video Doorbell Waterproof?

Yes, the Ring Video Doorbell is Waterproof. My doorbell is exposed to all elements and I live in the Midwest. The only weather related negative experiences I’ve had is when the temperature drops into the single digits. It seems like the device doen’t like to be out in the cold. It seems like the battery life us reduced and the image quality is less when the temperatures dip low.

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