Can I View Wyze Cameras Online?

Unfortunately, the rates of crime in many of our communities has increased. Whatever the reasons for this may be, the result is always the same: home and business owners who are fearful and worried about crime and their belongings. The good news is that security cameras have come down a great deal in price.

This is partly due to much-improved software and network access and hardware that is being made more affordable. One company that has taken full advantage of this is making Wyze cameras that are gaining significant traction in the market.

Hardening Your Home Security

The problem is that thieves are masters at looking for weak spots in security. They’ll look for open windows, doors that have poorly fitted locks, and homes and businesses without any obvious security, including security cameras. If your home or business is vulnerable, you need to harden security so that you can rest soundly at night.

Can Wyze Cameras Be Viewed Online?

If you really want to harden your security options, the best way to do it is to install multiple devices. Outdoor and indoor cameras work together alongside audible alarms, motion sensors, and flood lighting. This provides a total security solution that is suitable for most properties.

The great thing about Wyze cameras is that they can be viewed online. In fact, it’s entirely possible to view the live stream online and it works with digital assistants such as Alexa from Amazon. Furthermore, it saves all of the video and audio footage to the Amazon cloud so that it can be perused at will anytime. This makes it incredibly easy to use and to access.

Imagine the convenience of being able to check on the live footage of your home or business right from your phone?

Where Can the Video Be Viewed?

One of the best things about the video footage being stored in the Amazon cloud is that devices such as Alexa digital assistant can access it immediately. Once linked to your Amazon account, the video footage can be streamed right to your Alexa devices, such as the Alexa Show or the Echo Spot. As long as there’s an internet connection, Alexa can access it and you can see it. This also means that you can use voice commands to ask Alexa to access the video and show it to you.

But, what if the internet is down and the camera can’t record any video to the Amazon cloud? These cameras can also record straight to a local SD card. This means that the footage is saved even if the internet is down for some reason, meaning that you have a reliable local backup of all of the footage.

Additionally, the footage can also be viewed right on your smartphone, your desktop, or your laptop with the right Amazon applications. Because the video is saved right to the Amazon cloud, any device that has access to it can stream the footage.

Who Can Access Wyze Camera Footage?

It’s important to remember that the video is saved securely in the cloud. This means there’s a very low risk of anyone being able to hack it.

The applications that are used to access the video are logged into your Amazon account with your own secure username and password. This means that only you will have access to them.

Why Digital Security Cameras Are Such a Big Deal

So, why are Wyze security cameras, alongside other digital camera solutions so good for home and business security now? What makes them so good and why have they become so popular? Consider the following factors:

1. Digital Imaging Technology

One of the biggest changes to outdoor and indoor security cameras is the development of digital sensor technology. This has produced security cameras that are small, lightweight, and provide superior imaging results compared to the old analog cameras. Just think about how ubiquitous digital cameras are nowadays and how inexpensive they are. Most of us carry them around in our pockets because they’re on our smartphones and tablets.

They are inexpensive to produce these days, and the digital sensor technology means that the results from them are clear and distinct. This makes them ideal as evidence recording devices because it’s more likely that criminals will be recognized.

2. They Can Be Linked to the Web

The internet has changed so many things about human life, human communication, and the way that the world moves. It has provided businesses with free marketing tools, and it has also provided networking opportunities for devices such as outdoor and indoor security cameras. So, why is this so important?

What it really means is that the images from the security camera can be viewed in real time through an online portal using special software. This applies to Wyze camera technology as well.

Just imagine that you are on vacation somewhere far away and you really want to keep an eye on your home. What better way to do this than to simply log into an online portal through your own smartphone and view exactly what the camera is seeing in real time?

Additionally, many such digital cameras will back up their footage to online cloud services. This enables secure and easy backup of any footage so that it can be retrieved easily at any time.

In this case, all of the video footage is saved to the secure Amazon cloud. This means that the footage can be accessed anytime from anywhere as long as there is an application through which to view it. There are smartphone applications that will allow this, as well as portals on desktop and laptop devices. This makes the Wyze cameras an easily accessible security solution for any home or office.

The Affordable Advantage

In the world of security cameras, Wyze has come up with a brilliant solution for any property owner who is looking to add low-cost cameras to a security setup. Here are some of the benefits these cameras offer:

  • Small and light: Most digital camera solutions are lightweight, but these cameras are exceedingly small and hardly weigh anything. They can be mounted to metal with magnets and pointed in a specific direction, or they can be mounted with stick pads and magnets. Their light weight means that they are unlikely to fall.
  • Affordable: Unlike many such cameras, they are also very affordable. This is partly because digital imaging technology is so affordable now, and also because the hardware is sourced at the lowest prices possible. The low cost of them per unit makes them such a great solution for anyone who is looking to dip a toe into home security without breaking the bank.
  • Encryption: Having an internet connected device anywhere in the home is going to be a security risk. These days, hackers are eager to turn anything into an advantage. The good news is that these small and light cameras do offer encryption for their footage. This means that recorded footage is stored in a cloud service, but it is encrypted and cannot be easily accessed by anyone with ill intentions.
  • Easy to install: One thing that puts many people off installing security systems is the fact that they need some level of DIY skill. This is certainly a problem with larger and more expensive units, but this one is easy to install. It’s a matter of using the magnets or mounting pads to place them anywhere in the home where video security is needed. No professional electricians are required, which means no extra expense.
  • Live streaming: Such as more expensive cameras, these units also offer live video streaming as an option. This means that the footage can be viewed in real time through an application. It’s a great way to ease the nervous mind about home security.

The Modern Security System You Really Need

Unfortunately, many areas of our communities are vulnerable to crime, and this means that people are worried about their safety and the safety of their home. While electronic surveillance systems have always been popular, the more complex systems have always been the exclusive domain of bigger businesses and wealthy homeowners.

The good news is that the development of inexpensive digital technology has driven a revolution in home electronic security, and this has placed it well within the budget of many home and small business owners. Where these less expensive options might have once not included many of the features of their more expensive counterparts, that has all changed.

Newer, less expensive, and smaller players in the security market are offering feature-rich digital video cameras that do offer many of the features of the bigger players in town. When combined with the many benefits of digital technology, including networking, digital imaging sensors, and so on, it makes for a compelling security package that would suit most homeowners or smaller businesses looking for something affordable to allow them to sleep well at night.

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