Are Ring Video Doorbells Waterproof?

Ring video doorbells have revolutionized the home security with its range of smart doorbells. Often, it is asked how these sensitive devices work outdoors where they are exposed to rain and sun. Here in this article, we are trying to answer all relevant questions related to Ring products and whether they are waterproof.

To answer the question, ‘Are Ring Video Doorbells Waterproof?’ No, Ring Video Doorbells are water-resistant and have enough and efficient features to safeguard them from rainwater. However, it is not advisable to submerge the device in water. Besides, it can work in freezing temperature as well as in extreme summer heat. The operating temperatures for Ring Video Doorbells are -5 to 120 degree Fahrenheit (-20 to 50 degrees).

However, Ring Video Doorbells need protection from sun and rain. An enclosure that is closed at the top but open to the front can provide effective protection. As part of the installation instructions, the company recommends protecting the doorbells from heat, humidity, and water.

I was surprised at how cheap the Ring Video Doorbell was listed on Amazon

The installation manual states: ‘Install the doorbells at a dry location and protect it from direct sunlight, rain, and humidity. The device should not get contact with conductive liquids such as salt water. The device should be charged in a dry state only inside a building.’

What is a Video Doorbell?

A Video doorbell is a modern doorbell equipped smart technologies. It is connected to the internet and it sends notifications to the owner’s smartphone and other devices if there is a guest at the door. It is fitted with motion sensors, an HD infrared camera, and microphone.

The owner can have a video chat with the person at the door and can even open the door with his smartphone from anywhere. Successful inventor and entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff invented video doorbell in 2012. The first such commercially launched product,

Ring, became a mega-hit, and the company was taken over by Amazon for over $1 billion in 2018. The company now manufactures a wide variety of home security products that contain outdoor motion sensor cameras such as Ring Video Doorbell. Video doorbell is a great product that combines internet, HD motion sensor camera, voice technology, and the smartphone.

Through these doorbells, you can have an excellent security mechanism at home that gives complete control over the system.

Waterproof Defined

Waterproof material is impervious to water, primarily because it is treated or covered with a solution that makes it impossible for water to seep in at all. A waterproof material can guard itself against water for a long time. However, water-resistant products are not waterproof exactly. They can protect themselves against water but only up to a certain level. These products can not completely prevent water penetration. Are Ring video doorbells waterproof? No, they are weather-resistant.

When Do You Need a Waterproof Doorbell?

A Video doorbell is a device that is mounted outside the home at the entrance. Such places are generally exposed to natural elements such as rain, sun, and humidity. Since video doorbell uses a range of latest cutting edge technologies and sensitive components such as HD infrared camera and microphone.

Besides a computing system that is connected with internet, a smoothing functioning of the device requires adequate protection against natural elements. In particular, a tiny amount of water inside the device can seriously impair its functioning. Though video doorbells have excellent overall features, these devices have not been officially recognized as waterproof products.

However, some brands claim that their products are waterproof. There is no denying that companies keep trying to enhance safety features in their products and video doorbell makers are no exception. However, making video doorbells completely waterproof without compromising on their features is still an area where claims made by companies are not taken at their face value.

Weatherproof vs Waterproof, What’s the Difference?

Weatherproof products are water-resistant or water repellant. They are usually covered with a coat or finish that does not allow water or moisture to seep inside and damage the material that the coat intends to protect. Usually, weatherproof products are related to fabrics and garments where the base material is treated with certain chemicals that make them water resistant.

Also, a kind of stitching that makes sure that the garment does not allow any water or moisture to get inside is called weatherproof. Weatherproof jackets are quite popular. However, weatherproof products are not completely waterproof or impervious to water.

If exposed for a long duration, weatherproof material can get wet and moist. In contrast, waterproof material provides complete protection against water and moisture. It does not allow any water to get in or out. The different between weatherproof and waterproof is that weatherproof is not completely waterproof.

How to Tell if a Video Doorbell is Waterproof?

Most video doorbells come in a weatherproof design. They are water resistant and can withstand normal weather conditions including rain and sun without developing glitches. Some marketers may claim that a certain video doorbell is waterproof but the fact is that none of them are completely waterproof in the strict sense of the term.

Yes, there are some products in the market specially designed for video doorbells that cover the device from top and sides but remain open in the front. They provide an enhanced degree of protection to the device from changing weather conditions like rain and sun. By looking at a device, it is difficult to say if it is waterproof because it is a process by which a material is made impervious to water.

It can be a coat or finish that completely covers the material and does not allow any water to get through. Video doorbell, by default, can’t be waterproof.

Ring Video Doorbell Weather Ratings

Ring Video Doorbell 1

The Ring app helps you customize the motion sensors in the doorbell so that you are always the first to know if you have a visitor at the door. The video camera is equipped with infrared night vision. The doorbell has a weather-resistant design.

This smart and sleek device allows you to answer the door from anywhere. It sends you instant alerts when the visitor presses the Doorbell or is detected by the built-in motion sensors. Now with the free Ring app, you can see the guest from anywhere in the world and can even speak to him through your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Features Include:

  • Motion-activated alerts
  • Crystal-clear 720HD video
  • A two-way conversation with noise cancellation
  • Custom motion zones
  • Infrared night vision
  • Theft Protection

In terms of weather rating, this device is weather-resistant and can be safely used outside homes with necessary protection to the device.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This is a next-generation video doorbell that has an improved level of video
resolution. The Ring app helps you adjust the motion sensors so that you should always be the first to see the visitor at your door. The video camera is fitted with infrared night vision. Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a weather-resistant design.

It has a quick-release battery that makes replacing its batteries a much easier task. Now you can keep a watch on your home with a crystal-clear video. You can also have a video chat from anywhere with visitors. It sends instant mobile alerts and has a two-way conversation feature with noise cancellation. With this, you can answer the door call from your PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Features Include:

  • HD wide-angle video
  • Instant mobile alerts
  • Built-in microphone & speakers
  • Adjustable motion sensors
  • Infrared night vision
  • Live View on-demand video and audio

In terms of weather rating, the device is well protected from weather is classified as weather-resistant. However, you should take enough protection from water and sun.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This is a hardwired doorbell in a sleek design with customizable faceplates. It has a highly advanced level of security features and superior finish. In an ultra-slim design, Ring Pro matches your style and your home. By adjusting its motion sensors, which you can do through Ring app, you can choose the best setting to keep a complete watch at the entrance of your home. Like all other Ring doorbells, you can see the visitor and can have a chat through your smartphone or any other device from anywhere.

Video Doorbell Pro is weather-resistant and provides maximum protection to the device against weather.

Features Include:

  • HD Video & Two-Way Conversation
  • Custom Motion Zones
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Instant alerts
  • Motion-Activated Alerts
  • Video on Demand With Live View

In terms of weather rating, Video Doorbell Pro is very well-protected against rain and sun. However, you should take necessary care to provide it the maximum protection.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

This Ring video doorbell provides unmatched security and convenience. It allows you to greet your guests and chat with him straight from your phone from anywhere. With this doorbell, creating and customizing e your own motion zones is extremely easy. So you can watch over other important areas of your property by adjusting the view field of the motion sensors.

The product comes in a weather-resistant design that provides excellent
protection to the inner parts of the machine. It works just fine in all weather conditions.

Features Include:

  • 1080HD Video
  • Built-in microphone & speakers
  • Live View on-demand video and audio
  • Hardwired with power over Ethernet
  • Secure flush mount
  • Fits standard junction boxes
  • Motion-Activated Alerts
  • Infrared night vision

In terms of weather rating, this smart doorbell has enough features to keep itself protected from changing the weather. However, you should take the necessary caution against overexposure to rain or sun.

Ring Video Door View Cam

Ring Video Door View Cam is a tiny video camera that fits into the peephole in your door and offers unrivaled security and feature-rich experience. The device is connected with the internet and controlled by the Ring app. This door view cam is also equipped with motion sensors and lets you instantly through notifications that somebody is at the door.

You can see and chat with the person. Now you can replace your ordinary peephole with a smart and compact HD camera that enhances the security of any doorway.

I was surprised at how cheap the Ring Video Doorbell was listed on Amazon

Features Include:

  • HD Video, Two-Way Conversation
  • Peephole with Privacy
  • Adjustable Motion Detection
  • Removable Battery Pack
  • Easy Installation
  • Connects to Phones & Tablets


Ring video doorbells are pioneering products in its category. They have known the business of video doorbells from the time when it did not exist. Ring is the first company in the world to launch smart doorbells.

Now the Ring video doorbells are available in four distinct version Ring Video Doorbell 1, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and Ring Video Doorbell Elite. Each of these products offers unrivaled security and features that allow the users to watch their homes from anywhere. They can receive instant notifications about the visitors at the entrance and can also have a chat with them.

All this is possible just with the help of the doorbell and your smartphone. All these products are weather-resistant and perform extremely well in weather conditions. Ring products are extremely useful for all homeowners, builders, and tenants. They offer convenience, security, and delightful user experience. The products are superbly designed and produced that can match the aesthetics of any beautiful home.

Additional Questions

Can Ring Doorbell be Hacked?

Though Ring Doorbells have a very high level of security to protect against
hacking, there have been reports that the system can be hacked and the video can be accessed, distributed, and even live-streamed.

How long does the battery last in the Ring Video Doorbell?

Ring Video Doorbell batteries last from six to 12 months, depending on the
the activity that your door receives. If you have many visitors, the motion sensors will have to work more and the battery will deplete faster. This will also impact its overall life span. The Ring app notifies you when the battery is getting low.

Does Ring Doorbell Require a Subscription?

Ring Doorbell does not require any subscription for the normal services that the device and Ring app provides. However, the company does not save the videos for free. It offers different packages to store the video generated by the doorbell. For example, Ring has a 30-day free trial offer for its cloud video recording service. After that, the company charges $3 per month. If you take a subscription, it would cost you only $30.

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