Are Home Security Cameras Worth It?

When thinking about buying a home security question, the most common question is Are home security cameras worth it? And this answer may surprise you…

Yes, home security cameras are worth it. Studies have proven that cameras deter home break-ins. In addition, there are at least three reasons why buying a home security camera is worth it. First, the cost of buying cameras far outweighs the cost of replacing everything that was stolen. Second, the emotional toll of knowing that someone broke in and took whatever they want could be difficult to overcome. Third, In addition to deterring crime, security cameras may help to deter crime that occurs in and round your neighborhood.

Continue reading to see why home security cameras are one of the best investments you can make.


Buying vs replacing

As I mentioned earlier, the cost of buying a security system is much less than the cost of replacing all the items taken from your home. Let’s assume that you purchase a high-end security camera system for $500. How many items would a burglar need to steal from your home to exceed that amount? If you have cell phones, purses, tablets, or laptops, it wouldn’t take may items.

You don’t have to spend $500 to install a top of the line security system, you can find high quality systems for $200 – 300. Another option you have is to purchase a system that allows you room to upgrade over time. For example, you can purchase Power over Ethernet (POE) systems that come with 4 cameras with the option to upgrade to 8 or 16. The cost to buy additional cameras can vary between $50 – $150.

What about insurance?

What will happen to your insurance rate if your house is burglarized? You can guarantee that the rate will increase. Over time, you can expect to pay more for your insurance, than what you would have paid for the security cameras.

A worst case scenario after your house is robbed? Your insurance drops your coverage. While unlikely, it is possible that your increase company decides that you are no longer worth the risk of coverage. Once you are out of coverage, it can be very difficult for an insurance company willing to take the risk. Then if they do decide to take the risk, you will be paying mush higher rates.

Injury or death

One of the biggest costs you should consider is the cost if someone in the home is injured, or dies during the break-in. Let’s assume that someone is home during the break-in, and as they attempt to escape they break their leg. On average, the cost to fix a broken leg without insurance is around $2,500. This cost will only increase if surgery is needed to repair the leg. The cost to repair a broken leg is 5 times more than purchasing a high-end security system. The cost to repair the broken leg, pain, suffering, and lost wages from missing work make buying a home security camera the way better deal.

Worse than death is the possibility of loss of life if someone breaks into your home. An unexpected death can take both a financial and emotional toll of the loved ones. In addition to hospital costs, a funeral can cost around $7,000. If the recently deceased did not make prior arraignments, then the financial burden falls on the surviving loved ones.

While the financial costs can be covered, the emotional toll of losing a loved one may be felt for years. It may take a long time for those closest to the deceased family member the sadness of losing a family member suddenly. No one birthday parties, Christmas gifts, or games of Monopoly.

Financially, buying a home security system is completely worth it. Spending $200 now, can help to prevent you from spending tens of thousands of dollars later.


Homes are a scared place where people feel safe and secure. If someone breaks into your home that trust and safety is broken, making it difficult to continue living in that some place. It can feel like you’ve lost a loved one. After a break in, you will experience the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

These stages can last for months or years, and possible effect how you work and interact with strangers. What is the cost of this emotional toll? It varies from person to person, but I can assure you that it is less than the cost of a home security system.

Protecting a neighborhood (and your property value)

Having multiple security cameras systems in your neighborhood can help to reduce the amount of criminal activity in your neighborhood and retain or increase your property values. This equation is simple, the more break-ins and police activity, the lower your property values. And the fewer break-ins and police activity, the higher the chances your property value stays the same or increases. Also, criminals may case your neighborhood, see all of the cameras and think there is a better, easier house to rob.

New security camera technology can make your neighborhood even safer. For example, Ring products have a feature in which you can share events with other people around the neighborhood that also have Ring cameras.

This was the case a few weeks back when teenagers were going house to house ringing doorbells and running away. The third house they went to had a Ring camera installed. When the owners of the camera posted the event to the “Ring neighborhood,” we were able to quickly identify the kids and contact their parents. By the time they reached their fifth home, they were contacted by their parents for what I can assume was a stern talking to.

As you see from the two examples above, having a security camera system can keep money in your pocket, and limit the amount of criminal activity that happens in your neighborhood.

Bonus: Peace of mind

You will sleep much easier at night knowing that cameras are wide awake watching your house and surrounding areas. Just knowing that night vision cameras are watching and waiting for the next event to occur is certainly worth the cost of the cameras.

Also, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your family is safe even when you are at work. I enjoy the fact that I can log into my security cameras and see why my cameras are sending me push notifications in the dame area. I can provide my wife assurance that our garbage bins rocking back and forth is the reason why the camera keeps alarming.

Without a security camera I would have to consider leaving work to address any issues that are happening at home. This would result in a loss of wages and wasting gas. For me, the cost of the security cameras is totally work it.

Why I have security cameras

I currently own three security cameras, one Ring Doorbell, and two Ring Spotlight Cams, below are the reasons why I installed security cameras in my home.

  • Prevent package theft: There were a few package thefts that occurred in my neighborhood. Those thefts occurred at homes that did not have security cameras. Having a camera at your front door can reduce the number of packages stolen. If they are stolen, you will have a very good idea of who did it.
  • Brighten up the place: my cameras have spotlights attached, and when someone walks by at night, the area is illuminated, letting them know that someone is watching.
  • Peace of mind: I have a wife and three small kids, knowing they got home same, and made it into the house is worth it for me.
  • Two-way audio: All of my cameras feature two-way audio. Now I can tell the pizza man just a minute when he rings the doorbell.
  • Deter crime: I truly believe that potential criminals see my cameras and think that there are easier opportunities than my house.
  • I love tech: I love tinkering with new technology to see how it works.


To summarize, home security cameras are completely worth it. They provide real tangible and intangible benefits to home homeowners. Those benefits include: savings on break-ins, insurance costs, and health care costs. They also provide the following intangible benefits including: property value, peace of mind emotional support.

I recommend finding a security system in a affordable price range, and invest in your safety.

Similar questions

  • Should I install security cameras in my home?
    • Yes, find a security system within your price range, and purchase the camera. The benefits far outweigh any concerns with having a security camera.
  • Home security system waste or money:
    • They are only a waste of money if you never need them, and if you never need them, it could be attributed to having them installed. Studies show that burglars are less likely to break-in to homes that have security cameras installed. Since a burglar will never say to you “I was going to rob your house until I saw those cameras,” you will never know how much value the cameras provide.
  • How much do home security cameras cost per month?
    • This can vary between free and 200 dollars per month. The cost depends on your camera, If you are using cloud storage offered through your camera manufacturer. Consider these factors: How is your camera receiving power? Does your camera save to the cloud, or locally, are you paying a security service (like ADT)?

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