Are CCTV Cameras a Deterrent? [Are They Really Keeping Me Safe?]

I know the feeling you may be having and have a pretty good indicator on why you may have searched this term on google. Sometimes we are ready to step up to the plate and make a purchase, but we want to know the truth about the benefits. We also want the truth from someone other than a company representative or a pushy sales associate at BestBuy.

Okay, that may have been a bit rude, I have the utmost respect for BestBuy stores and love to frequent them any chance I get. It’s probably why I enjoy bringing you the up to date news on the topic of CCTV systems and security. It’s one of my favorite interest in the world of technology.

Lately, I’ve seen a question popping up that I wanted to address. Are CCTV cameras a deterrent? After research, owning plenty of equipment myself, here’s what I can tell you.

So, Are CCTV Cameras a Deterrent? Yes, CCTV cameras are a deterrent in many fashions. They deter criminals from breaking and entering, armed robbery and even discourage behavior from being unethical in the workplace. Without CCTV cameras it would be easy for the world to be much more chaotic.

I have a post about where CCTV cameras are often used that you can see here. That will help give you an idea about all the possibilities and areas where a CCTV camera system could serve as a strong deterrent.

Outside of that, I wanted to take the time to break down more of the meat and potatoes about CCTV cameras and how they can be beneficial and help protect what matters the most.

More About CCTV systems Deterring Crime and Providing Protection

I know what you might be thinking once again. How many news stories, Dateline NBC’s and 20/20 episodes have we all seen where a tragic crime takes place and somehow the police basically have 80% of the evidence on camera?

To me this jumps out as well because if so many cameras are always on us including the homes where the crimes are committed, how are they really serving any form of protection at all? You are overthinking the factors involved is what I’ve come to realize about the situation.

The Criminals May Not Necessarily Notice the CCTV Systems

Concluding that CCTV systems don’t deter crime is not accurate. It’s highly more likely that the criminals never even realized a CCTV system was in place. A better way to look at this would be to flip the script.

How many additional crimes would be committed each year without the CCTV security systems and how many criminals did notice the system and stopped their actions before making a mistake that placed them behind bars permanently?

Probably way more than we can imagine. The ones who did continue with the unfavorable actions were either too rushed, lazy or stupid to notice the system or they just didn’t care is the more likely scenario and answer to some of these questions that are raised on the topic.

The Theory Has Been Proven, It’s Time to Believe That It Works

The numbers have shown that owning a home security system or even having CCTV cameras present on a home can reduce the chances of a break-in by up to 300%.

This is also not including how much of a deterrent they can be if they have illuminating LED lights that make them visible or known or if you are one of the individuals who placed a sign in the yard or front windows informing the burglars or crime creators that they are being watched.

Why do they work so as well? Why are CCTV cameras such a great deterrent?

Criminal Don’t Want to Be Watched

I’m sure I’ll get some mixed comments below with the statements I’m about to make, but criminals are criminals. They are not idiots. They understand that footage is a sure-fire way to land in the hot seat and having pressing evidence incriminating them and proving a crime.

The actions they choose to do does not that mean that all criminals do them without proper planning. Just like you work at your job or passions and hobbies, well, criminals just have a desire for stealing and hurting other people belongings. They almost take pride in their work.

It’s 2019 people. There isn’t a home invasion prone individual or a criminal who doesn’t check to make sure a home doesn’t have cameras asking them to pose for their pre-mugshot photo.

All houses have belongings so in their mind if they see you own one of these systems, why wouldn’t they just move onto the next home until they find one that they are comfortable with or at least they can believe they can get away with? The answer is, that’s exactly what they do. Don’t be the guy on the block that doesn’t have the CCTV system in place.

The Times When Home Security Do You Absolutely No Good

Does anyone know any individuals who have a top of the line security system and you have never seen them arm it once or use the benefits? Unfortunately, I do. My parents are these individuals. Somehow, just having the system plugged in doing nothing makes them feel safe but in all reality, it’s not doing much.

Criminals are much more sophisticated and smarter than we think. They even know how to hack these systems in some situations. They can plan a robbery or burglary and know if a system is being used and ready for action. Sadly, way more people purchase these systems and never use them for the correct reasons.

Some Steps to Improve Your Chances

If you own a home security system, do us all a favor and use it. Either that or return it or sell it. If you want to own a system but not use it, you could have just spent 4 dollars or stole a security system sign from someone else’s yard and had the same chances of remaining safe while sleeping.

After you have committed to learning and understanding how to use the system and you plan on doing so, you need to do a few other things.

First, make sure you have notifications turned on. These can be sent to a mobile device for when activity occurs on your home either by doors being opened, windows being opened or shattered, or motion sensor cameras being activated. That’s step 1. You’re not done yet.

Install Cameras Where They Matter

I don’t know how many times a friend thinks it’s so cool about a view he has on his CCTV camera that’s 100% irrelevant to his safety or the protection of the home. Cameras should be covering entry points.

We shouldn’t be using these systems to spy on our teenagers to see when they arrive home. Okay, in all honesty, this is a damn good use of the system, but that’s beside the point.

Cameras should be installed in areas such as the following.

  • Entry Points Including Back Sliding Doors, Garage Doors, Front Doors, and Windows
  • Windows Accessible by Foot and Basement Window Wells
  • Indoor main living areas (this will give the camera a wide viewing range to catch activity)
  • Driveway and front porch (doorbell cameras)

Outside of these locations, I’d venture to say you are doing something silly with your cameras that a criminal could eventually work around. Remember, this is what they do, and you don’t have them fooled so make the security equipment that you paid good money for work in your favor, not against you.

Other Key Factors Bolstering Strong Uses of CCTV Cameras and Systems

Let’s not forget, it’s not always your homes we are worried about.

CCTV cameras reduce crime in your children’s schools, the workplace and general public areas where we all want to frequent and feel safe. Imagine going to your local Walmart and knowing they had no security measures in place and that it was basically a free for all. Wouldn’t be very fun.

Also, with the outbreak of violence in the world, police officers wearing small cameras on their uniforms, schools being able to reduce shootings with security measures and other places where we need to know our family is safe is another prime real estate to be thankful for the invention and uses of CCTV security systems.

It is a strong reason to jump on the CCTV bandwagon and begin believing that it’s something that our society needs to use to keep crime as low as possible.

Putting It All Together, We Need CCTV Systems, and You Need to Use Yours

If you own a CCTV system, you need to use it properly and understand the essential functions of the system. It needs to be armed, and the equipment needs to be placed in areas where it makes the most sense like discussed previously.

We can never entirely prevent crime and never will, but CCTV systems sure do a fantastic job by dramatically reducing the numbers. A world without them would begin to become reckless in a hurry. If you haven’t considered installing a system on your home, business or other properties, it’s probably time to start diving into the options and begin protecting what matters the most.

What’s your opinion on CCTV cameras? Do they prevent crime? What do you believe are the best uses for them? Be sure to drop a comment below.

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