5 Security Camera Brands You Know And 33 You Don’t

One of the more difficult aspects of selecting the perfect security camera for your home is being aware of all of your options. I’m sure you have heard of Nest, Arlo, and Ring, but do you know about the other 29 brands?

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of all security camera brands for your home. In addition, I have included key features, camera/ system types, and a price. The price will be listed as low, medium, or high. Here is a breakdown of the ranges

  • Low: $0 – 149.00
  • Medium: $150 – 299
  • High: $299 and up


Atoms Labs, LLC is an American company that makes wireless surveillance systems, DIY security systems, and Wi-Fi cameras for residential customers. ALC offers both indoor and outdoor solutions with local and cloud storage.   In addition, ALC offers security cameras that are both wired and wireless

ALC Price

The price for ALC cameras is medium-high. Half of there solutions are in the medium price range ($150 – 299), and the other half is in the high price range. 


Not much is known about this manufacturer. At the time of this writing, they didn’t have a webpage (just a facebook page), and they only had one camera. The camera is a 360-degree WI-Fi enabled security camera. This camera is for indoor use only and saves to both the cloud and local storage

ALLie Price

The price for this camera is low. The retail price is stated as high, but due to poor reviews, this camera has worry down considerably.


Amazon is a little deceiving in that they have three cameras on this list (all under different manufacturer names). The official Amazon camera is an indoor only camera that provides free cloud storage. This camera works with Alexa and records in 1080P high definition. 

Amazon Price

The price for this indoor-only camera is low. It is currently priced less than $120.

Arlo/ Netgear

Arlo has a line of cameras that meet the needs of just about any consumer. They have cameras that are indoor and outdoor, as well as cameras that auto and wire free.

Arlo cameras use both cloud and local storage to save recordings. What I like most about the Arlo cameras is their web interface. I like the fact that you can view multiple live streams at the same time. The Arlo Pro 2 cameras are my second favorite security cameras on the market.

Arlo Price

The price varies from low to high depending on the camera type, the camera model and the number of cameras bundled with the base station. For example, the Arlo Q, which is an indoor camera, can be purchased for less than $150.

The Arlo Pro 2 with two cameras and a base station is around $300, depending on when and where you buy it.


August provides a complete solution for your front door. In addition to the smart lock, August currently has two generations of a security camera doorbell. 

These doorbells feature real-time alerts, two-way audio, and free 24-hour cloud storage. worry, this doorbell has a built-in floodlight reducing the need for night vision.

August Price

The price for this locks is medium-low. Depending on which generation you buy, you may be able to find an August Video Doorbell for less than $149


The Blink Home Security cameras (also an Amazon product) provides both indoor and outdoor security solutions for the home. These Wi-Fi security cameras have a number of features including a temperature sensor and auto arm/ disarm.

My favorite feature of these cameras is the two-year battery life. Simply install AA batteries in your Blink cameras and you’re worry-free for up to two years. The ability to install a camera, and not have to climb a ladder for up to two years is unimaginable. 

Blink Price

The price range for these cameras depends on the number of cameras you purchase at a time. For example, if you only purchase one camera, both the indoor and outdoor cameras fall in the low price tier. 

However, if you decide to purchase a multi-camera system, then you should expect to see prices in the medium to medium-high range.


Canary offers a few different Wi-Fi security cameras for your indoor and outdoor needs. Their products offer a range of features including live monitoring, home or away modes, and an emergency siren. 

In addition, Canary cameras allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality inside of your home.

Canary Price

Depending on where you decide to purchase your Canary security cameras, you will find the price to be in the medium to high range. Also, this price can vary if you decide to purchase a one or two-year membership though Canary.


In addition to the Wi-Fi cameras offered, D-Link also sells Network Video Recorders (NVRs). NVRs give homeowners the ability to save video clips to a local hard drive that can save Terabytes of data. Also, NVRs give the user the ability to stream, view, and share recorded clips.

D-Link cameras offer the following features: remote viewing, motion detection, and smart alerts. 

D-Link Price

All of the D0Link cameras fall into the low price range with the most expensive camera costing around $100. The NVRs are a little more expensive falling into the medium price range.


Defender offers both wired and wireless DVR/ NVR for your home. These systems come with cameras that can be used indoor or outdoor and have up to 130 feet of night vision.

The wired systems use a BNC connection to connect the security cameras to the DVR. You can connect up to 16 cameras (channels) to one DVR. 

The wireless systems connect to an NVR through a Local Area Network (LAN) and provide a resolution of up to 2K.

Defender Price

The least expensive system (wired) is in the higher end of the medium price range. In general, the more cameras you add, the higher the price will become.


Ezviz offers every type of security system you can think of. They have wired, wireless, and wire-free systems to meet the needs of consumers. These systems feature cameras that can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

The wire free cameras include batteries that last up to 9 months and local storage. In addition, a few of their cameras offer 4K video resolution. 

Ezviz Price

The prices for these cameras range from very low to high depending on the number of cameras in the system, available features, and the camera resolution. The security systems are going to fall on the high end, while the indoor single security camera will cost much less.


FLIR offers indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras for consumers. These cameras feature smart alerts, free cloud storage, and the ability to monitor your security cameras from anywhere. In addition, FLIR provides a feature called “RapidRecap.” RapidRecap is the ability to watch an entire day of recording in one minute.

This camera system is unique in that it is essentially one camera that can be placed in an outdoor case, or mounted to a stand for indoor use. These cameras can also be used for action recording and mounting to the dashboard of your car.

FLIR Price

The indoor kit (camera and mounting stand) fall in the low category, while the outdoor kit (camera and outdoor case) land in the medium category. FLIR does provide the opportunity to purchase multiple cameras, and mix and match cameras. 


Guardzilla sells indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras. These cameras feature up to 360-degree viewing angles, 2-way talk, night vision and an emergency siren. 

In addition to the features listed, Guardzilla cameras have the unique ability to provide 360-degree motion detection, and the ability to choose between a rechargeable battery or a power cord.

Guardzilla Price

While most of the Guardzilla family of products fall in the low price category, there are a couple that land in the medium category. In addition to the low price Guardzilla charges a low monthly cost to store recordings in the cloud.


Honeywell offers a number of different solutions for home and business. These products include indoor and outdoor systems, pan/ tilt/ zoom cameras, and IP cameras. Honeywell has all different cameras types, recorders, and cloud solutions if you decide to go this route.

Honeywell Price

You will find a number of their cameras in the low price range. You can purchase IP cameras, pan/ tilt/ zoom cameras, and dome cameras all in the low price range. In addition, Honeywell offers cameras and systems in the medium range for consumers and businesses.

IC Realtime

IC Realtime offers both Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and IP systems to meet the needs for their customers. CCTV systems use analog cameras and DVRs to record, save, and view live streams.

IP cameras use either Power over Ethernet or wireless technology to send digital audio and video to NVRs. IC has a number of camera types including Box, bullet, dome, and marine cameras. 

IC Realtime Price

The least expensive IC Realtime camera sits in the medium price range. Most of their camera offers are in the high end. These cameras are marketed toward businesses of all sizes. 


IFamCare offers a few different security cameras aimed at watching your pet(s). Each of these cameras features the ability to pan/ tilt/ and zoom. Using the free app, you can share your favorite recorded pet moments. 

These cameras feature a laser, two-way audio, and air sensor standard. 

iFamCare Price

Each of these cameras are prices at the top of the low category. Depending on your research, you may be able to find these cameras at a much better price.


iPatrol offers a security camera and a robot all in one. This Wi-Fi enabled, remote controlled robot has a self-docking charging station, night vision and two-way audio. In addition, this cam-bot features motion detection and instant alert. 

iPatrol Price

This camera/ robot is priced in the medium price range. In addition, you can purchase tire treads of different colors for an additional price.


Currently Logitech offers one security camera that can be used both indoor and outdoors. This camera can be placed just about anywhere including: plug mounts, window mounts, and on the ceiling. 

This Wi-Fi camera has a 180-degree viewing angle and stored footage to your private cloud. This product also features night vision and works with you Google Assistant. 

Logitech Price

A single Logitech security camera lands in the medium priced category. You do have the option to bundle multiple cameras and rechargeable battery packs for an additional cost. 


Lorex offers a number of solutions including wire-free, wireless outdoor, and indoor wireless cameras. This company offers both professional and consumer level security cameras. 

Lorex has enough products to fit any need you have. They have DVR and NVR systems, cloud or local storage options and motion detection. Some of there cameras record in 4K, while others offer two-way audio.

Lorex Price

Because Lorex has so many different offerings, you will be able to find a camera in every price range. When researching these cameras and systems, make sure the camera you need fits with your current system.

For example, a PoE camera will only work with an NVR system. It is also possible for PoE cameras too not work with every system. If you choose this camera, make sure you do the necessary research.

MAXSA Innovations

Maxsa product line features solar and battery powered security systems. In addition, Maxsa is one of the few companies that include lighting with the security camera. These motion-activated systems feature onboard, SD card storage and can record for up to 2.5 hours.

Maxsa Price

These security camera systems are priced in the medium tier. However, if you decide to forgo the camera and just purchase the lighting, you can find these lights in the low category. 


The nest product line includes indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as a video doorbell. These cameras feature live video feeds, motion alerts, and night vision. 

Other features include two-way audio, familiar face alerts, and activity zones. In addition, you have the ability to create and share video recordings with friends, family, and neighbors. 

Nest Price

The nest cameras begin the medium price tier with the indoor cameras being the lest expensive. You do have the option to bundle multiple cameras together, which can save you some money. 

Night Owl

Night owl offers product lines for wired DVR, wired NVR, and wireless systems. Wired DVR systems can connect up to 16 cameras (channels) and has the ability to replay recordings on your smartphone.

Night Owl NVR systems can also connect up to 16 cameras and record in 4K resolution. In addition, these cameras have a feature called “rapid detection” designed to weed out false alerts.

Finally, Night Owl offers both a battery powered and AC powered system that uses your Wi-Fi to send audio and video.

Night Owl Price

The least expensive kit (DVR/ NVR with cameras) was a wired DVR kit that uses a BNC connection. This kit was priced in the medium category, has 4 cameras that shot in 720P resolution.


Oco offers a number of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi security cameras. These cameras have the ability to store recordings locally and in the cloud. This brand features security with enterprise level 256 bit data encryption, vandal and weather proof. 

This compay also provides the ability to automatically save recordings locally to the SD card if the power goes out. Then when it comes back on, the recordings are pushed to the cloud. 

Oco Price

With the exception of one, all of the cameras fit in the medium price tier. These cameras can also be purchased as standalone products or a part of a bundle. At the time of this post, you can purchase these cameras with a monthly payment plan.


Currently, Ooma offers one wireless security camera for home use. This camera features living streaming, facial recognition, and automatic arm and disarm based on your geolocation. 

In addition, this camera comes with free cloud storage, and bank level AES encryption while uploading recordings to the cloud.

Ooma Price

There are two versions of this camera. The first version, with a smaller SD storage, fits in the medium priced category. Because the second version includes a higher SD storage capacity, it sits in the highest priced category. 

The price increases to the highest category when multiple cameras are bundled together.


As the name suggests Petcube cameras are a line of Wi-Fi security cameras with your pet in mind. These indoor only cameras feature a built-in laser toy, two-way audio, and cloud recording. In addition, the camera has night vision and motion alerts. 

Petcube Price

The least expensive version of this camera sits in the medium tier. In addition, there is an ability to bundle multiple cameras together through the companies website. While on the website buying security cameras, you can also buy pet food and treats. 


Q-See offers a number of home security cameras solutions to meet your needs. They sell BNC, PoE, and Wi-Fi cameras for your everyday needs. In addition, to “normal” cameras, Q-See also has a few “spy” cameras, including DVR camera pens. 

Q-See cameras offer a variety of features including 4K streaming, local and cloud storage, and night vision. 

Q-See Price

The Q-See brand has a camera to fit every price range. While maybe not for everyday use, the camera pen is one of the lowest priced cameras listed in this blog. Most of their products are priced in the medium and high categories, but you still have a number of options.


Currently, Remo+ offers a security doorbell, a door camera, and a security camera for both indoor and outdoor use. The door cam is unique in that it is specifically designed to sit at the top of a door and watch. This door camera has two-way audio and motion detection so you are never caught off guard.

This door cam maybe the best solution for people that live in apartment buildings.

Remo+ Price

All three of these cameras are placed in the medium price category. These cameras also have a limited free cloud storage options as well as a premium cloud storage subscription.


Ring (An Amazon product) has a number of Wi-Fi solutions to choose from. They have multiple doorbells (I am holding one in the picture to the left), multiple spotlight options, and accessories to meet your needs. 

The ring spotlight camera (wired or wireless) is one of the few cameras on the market that shine a spotlight upon motion detection. In addition, to the spotlight, RIng also sells a Floodlight camera. 

This Floodlight camera replaces any outdoor electrical light and offers a 110-decibel alarm that can be triggered from a mobile app.

Ring Price

All of the Ring cameras (except one) fall into the highest price category. The newest and least expensive camera is an indoor/ outdoor wired camera. That camera is still over the $150 price point 


Samsung offers both wired and wireless security camera options for the home. The wireless cameras feature pan/ tilt/ zoom technology and a 1080p resolution. Samsung also sells wired cameras connected to both DVRs and NVRs. 

Along with the DVR/NVR option, you can purchase dome or bullet cameras from Samsung.

Samsung Price

Samsung offers cameras in the lowest price range as an add-on to DVR/ NVR systems. The standalone wireless cameras fall in the medium price category, and the DVR systems can be found in the highest price range.


At the time of this writing, SimpliSafe only has one security camera. This camera has the following features: live audio and video monitoring, smart motion detection and night vision. 

SimpliSafe Price

This camera is priced at the top end of the low category. This camera can work solo or apart of the SimpliSafe home security system. 


Currently, SkyBell only offers a Wi-Fi video doorbell. This doorbell features 1080p video resolution, motion sensor, and color night vision. In addition, this this doorbell has live monitoring, two-way audio, and can work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit .

SkyBell Price

This doorbell is priced in the medium category. In addition, there is no additional cost for cloud storage. 


Swann has a product to meet and residential or commercial need including video doorbells, wireless security cameras, and wired systems. Because there are so many different camera options, Swann has every feature covered. They have cameras that record in 4K, cameras that are indoor only, and cameras with local and cloud storage. 

Swann Price

Swann’s only camera in the lowest price category is an indoor only camera with two-way audio and 1080P video resolution. Because Swann has so many options, you can find an outdoor camera at any price point. In general, the more cameras or features, the more expensive the bundle will be.


Toucan may offer the most unique set of security camera products out of all the brands listed. The Toucan, also called Kuna, offers the following products: smart security camera light, security camera floodlight, and a security camera that fits into a light socket.

These cameras feature pre-recorded messages, two-way talk, and live viewing. Also, these cameras also allow for emergency sirens, 911 access, and light controls.

Toucan Price

The cameras begin at the medium price category and increase as the product features increase.


TP-Link offers two varieties of the same camera. The Kasa Cam has an indoor and outdoor version. The indoor camera features night vision viewing of up to 25 feet. Also, the indoor version has a viewing angle of 130 degrees.

The outdoor version features two-way audio, two days of free video streaming and manual zoom. 

TP-Link Price

The indoor camera is priced within the low tier, while the outdoor camera is slightly higher. Similar to other cameras, these cameras can this camera feature as a bundle at a higher price. 


Vtech offers a few wireless monitoring solutions including Wi-Fi cameras, wireless monitoring system, and nanny cameras. The Wi-FI cameras feature pan/ tilt/ zoom technology, live viewing and auto night vision.

In addition, this camera features on-demand recording, extended range Wi-Fi, and motion alerts.

VTech Price

All of the Vtech cameras fit into the lowest price tier. These cameras include both local and cloud storage with continuous live video. 


Zmodo a few different products for consumers. They offer wired PoE systems, video doorbells, and Wi-Fi cameras with a number of features. Zmodo has one of the largest NVR systems with 32 channels, 16 cameras, 8 wireless cameras and 2 repeaters. 

In addition, Zmodo offers a free cloud storage option where you view alerts from the last 36 hours. 

Zmodo Price

Zmodo has a number of cameras at every price point. The lowest priced cameras are indoor cameras with limited features. 


These are all of the home security brands, types of cameras they offer, as well as any additional services. While this may not be a complete list, this is a great starting point for researching the perfect camera system. Still not sure which system is for you, check out my recommended security camera

What do you think? Did any of these brands surprise you? Did I miss any?

How many of these brands did you know before reading this article? Did your security camera make the list?

Leave a comment below.

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