13 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Video Doorbell

If you are interested in home security, you should consider a video doorbell as one of you first purchases. Video doorbells add a many of benefits that standard security systems cannot. In this blog post, I list 10 reasons why you should buy a video doorbell today.

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Before Getting Started

Before we get started, let’s quickly define a video doorbell. A video doorbell is any doorbell, wired or wireless, that rings when you push the button. In addition, this doorbell will record clicks, called “events.” These events can be stored locally, or in the clod.

Detects and Records Motion

One of my favorite features included on almost all video doorbells is the ability to detect motion. Video doorbells can be configured to detect motion at various ranges. For example, the Ring Video Doorbell 1 can detect motion up to 30 feet.

Once motion is detected, the video doorbell begins recording the event. These events are recorded in segments up to 2 minutes. In addition, you can configure the sensitivity of the motion detection. I have my motion set to the highest sensitivity which means my video doorbell alarms when there is a stiff breeze.

The motion detection works well enough to catch cars driving by at speeds up to 30 miles-per-hour and clear enough to see kids riding their bikes. Most video doorbells record in high definition. The lowest ring doorbell records in 720P which is good enough for most needs.

Answer Your Door from Anywhere in the World

Another cool feature in video doorbells is that you can answer the door from anywhere in the world. All video doorbells are connected to the internet. Because of this connection, you can answer the door with your smartphone or tablet from anywhere if you have an internet connection. While the doorbell will work with both cellular and WIFI connection, WIFI connections work a little better.

When you answer the door, you can see and hear the person at the door. However, that person cannot see you on hear your voice. You can tell the door-to-door salesmen that you’re not interested from the comfort of your couch, or while you’re putting in overtime at the office.

Records doorbell Rings as Well

In addition to answering the door from anywhere in the world, a video doorbell also automatically records all doorbell rings. The doorbell will record the entire event and store it locally or in the cloud. Later, you can play back the interaction for yourself or others.

Two-way communication

The two-way communication feature is slowly growing in popularity. Using this feature, you can talk freely with someone on the other end. You can tell the delivery guy to leave the package under the doormat or tell the package thief to leave the package where it is, and the police are on their way.

In addition, you can turn the two-way communication on and off during the conversation. If you want to converse with someone in the room, simply mute the two-way communication, then unmute when you’re ready.

The two-way communication was a feature I didn’t think I use, but I am beginning to use it more every day.

Adds an Additional Layer of Security

As you know, most common places a criminal will attempt to enter your home is the front door, backdoor, and garage. Installing a video doorbell with motion detection can provide an early alert to you and your family. It’s possible you can prevent an attempted break-in by telling the criminal “I see you.”

In addition, most events are stored by default for a minimum of 6 months. If a break-in does occur, you can look back over the past months to see if anything suspicious happened leading up to the break-in.

The camera itself can act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. Many criminals can recognize video doorbells and often rethink the decision to break in that house. While a video doorbell will not prevent every crime, it will help deter many.

Use a video doorbell, in combination with a security system and outdoor cameras to provide a complete, secure home.

Video Doorbells Provide Peace of Mind

Personally, I fell a little more comfortable when I see my family arrive home safe. The motion detection on my video doorbell acts as a confirmation that my family has arrived home, and these are in the house safe and sound.

Also, it’s a little easier to reset at night knowing that my video doorbells, and security cameras, are keeping an eye on my house.

Integrates with Home Automation/ Home Security

As the popularity of video doorbell as increased, so has the integration. Currently, there are a number of security system companies that either offer video doorbell integration or offer their own version of video doorbell.

This integration includes push notifications, viewing of events, and other alerts. If you currently have a security system, check with your company about video doorbell integration.

Integration is also happening the other way. Video doorbell cameras are beginning to enter the security system market. These companies are now offering motion sensors, and 24/7 monitoring to pair with their line of video doorbells.

Video Doorbells Help Keep the Neighborhood Safe

Another side effect of having a video doorbell is assisting your neighbors. About one year ago, my neighbor’s car tires were slashed. Later that night, they stopped by our house to ask if we had seen anything. While we didn’t, our video doorbell did. The doorbell saw a car drive by during the suspected timeframe.

A feature recently added to video doorbells is the ability to share events within your neighborhood. With this feature, you can briefly explain what has happened, and provide a clip for others to see. For example, just this morning, someone in my neighborhood post a video called “this woman just tried to walk into my house.” Included in the post, was a brief description of what happened, and a video of a women attempting to open the door. After a few minutes, the women walked away.

Because of this feature, the entire community can be on the lookout of people attempting to gain access into homes.

You Will See Something Funny

If you have a video doorbell long enough, I guarantee that eventually, you see something funny or out of place. It is common for our video camera to catch a pair of foxes running through our neighborhood.

By far the funniest thing I’ve ever caught on our video doorbell is watching someone fall. This person was not hurt, so it’s ok to laugh. The best part is showing that person the recorded event of falling in slow motion.

Video Doorbells have Multiple Power Options

Video doorbells can be powered with your current doorbell or by battery. This flexibility allows you to place the device just about anywhere. If you decide to use your existing wiring, you don’t have to work about recharging the device.

If you decide to use the video doorbells battery, consider buying a solar panel accessory, or multiple batteries. These accessories will reduce the amount of downtime for your device.

Video Doorbells can be Installed (Almost) Anywhere

Another nice feature is video doorbells can be placed anywhere they can receive a connection to the internet. While other security cameras are limited to cords, and distance, video doorbells can be out just about anywhere.

In addition, they can be mounted to just about anything. Regardless of your house type: bring, stucco, siding, you can mount a video doorbell if it’s on a flat surface. Depending on the doorbell, it can be installed in less than 30 minutes with 3 tools (screw driver, level, pencil).

Live Viewing

Another great feature of video doorbells is the ability to view your camera live. At any time, you can see what’s happening in the neighborhood just by logging in. This feature is handy if you’ve noticed multiple events happening in and around your house.

To view your video doorbell in live viewing mode, simply log into the mobile app, or desktop client, and select live viewing. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to view live audio and video of anything happening in the cameras field of view.

Note: if you do use the live viewing mode, it drains the battery faster than other viewing options.

Technology is Fun!

The final reason you should buy a video doorbell today is that it a fun little toy that has functional purposes. I love showing family and friends all the different features, live viewing, and recorded events. My friends and family are always surprised how clear the audio and video are and how quick it connects.


To conclude: here are the reasons why you should buy a video doorbell:

  • Detects and records motion
  • You can answer your door from anywhere in the world
  • It records doorbell rings also
  • Two-way communication
  • Additional layer of security
  • Peace of mind
  • Integrates with other home security devices
  • Helps to keep the neighborhood safe
  • Multiple power options
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Live viewing

Do you have a video doorbell? Why did you decide to buy one? Why are ouy considering a video doorbell

Comment below!

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