11 Best Security Cameras That Work With Alexa

If you are in the market for a new security camera, or you are looking for new security camera features, the cameras that work with Alexa is the way to go. As we know, smart homes are becoming more and more commonplace, and the current leader of the smart assistants is Amazons’ Alexa. In this article, I will briefly describe what Alexia is, how to use her, features that will work with your camera, and how to use Alexa and your security camera together

Here is a quick list of the 11 best security cameras the work with Alexa:

  • Arlo Pro 2
  • Nest Security Camera
  • Ring Spotlight Camera
  • Blink XT Camera
  • Zmodo Wireless Security Camera 
  • Ring Wi-Fi enabled Video Doorbell
  • Kasa Smart Home Security Camera
  • Amazon Cloud Security Camera
  • EZVIZ HuskyC HD Bullet Camera
  • Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera
  • Netvue Vigil Bullet Camera

Continue reading why I think these are the best of the best when working with Alexa. 

Security cameras

Security cameras come in two main types: wired and wireless. I consider wired cameras any camera that needs any type of physical connection to work. This includes IP cameras that need a wall outlet to work, Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV), and Power over Ethernet Systems (POE).

CCTV and POE systems need at least one wire to work. The CCTV, for example, may need two wires, one to power the machine and one to send data to a digital video recorder (DVR). The POE system is powered and sends video recordings through an ethernet cord.

The other type of wired camera is am internet protocol (IP) camera that still needs a physical connection to a wall out. This wall outlet proves power to the camera.

Wireless security cameras need zero physical connection to work. They may be powered by batteries or solar power, and they transmit records via your Wifi network.

What’s Alexa

As I mentioned, Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant that works inside of Amazon products. Basically, you say a command then, based on keywords, it either executes the command or says I don’t know. The benefit of Alexa is that is can answer every question from “What’s the weather,” to “play song X by artist y.”

How Alexa works with cameras

Currently, you can use Alexa to turn on and watch your security cameras through your TV, or video enables smart devices. You could say, for example, “Alexa, view front door,” and depending on your set up, Alexa will change your TV to view the specified camera.

Another benefit of Alexa is that you can create your own skill, with a little research, and a little bit of programming, you can ask Alexa to do (almost) anything.

Now that we understand how security cameras work, and what Alexa does, let’s look at the 11 best cameras that work with Alexa. I will also include why they made this list and how they can help you.

1. Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera System

The Arlo Pro 2 is a complete Security Camera System that provides 1080p high definition video, weather proof and can record indoor or outdoor. This security system is about the size of a fist and is powered by battery.

Why the Arlo Pro 2 made the list?

This is a great camera for a few reasons. First, this is a completely wire-free system, which means you can place the cameras anywhere there is an internet connection. Also, you have the ability to watch multiple live views at the same time through the web or mobile application.

Why look at another camera?

I do not the magnetic ball that is used to hold the camera. My biggest fear was the ball being pulled off, or moving in strong winds/ ice/ snow storms

2. Nest Security Camera

This indoor-only camera also offers 1080p high definition recording, provides live streaming, and has two-way audio. In addition, the set up for this camera takes minutes with its plug and play technology. 

Why Nest made the list?

This camera is perfect for every room in the house. This camera has the ability to continuously record with a subscription service called Nest Aware. In addition to continuous recording, you can save events to the cloud. 

Why look at another camera?

I do no like wires in general, and this camera is limited by its indoor only abilities. 

3. Ring Spotlight Cam

This camera is also 100 percent wire-free. This camera system has two-way audio, 1080p high definition, two battery slots and an optional solar panel.

Why the Ring Spotlight Cam made the list?

This camera has adjustable motion activated alerts, a remotely activated siren, and push notifications to your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. My favorite feature of this camera is the included spotlight. If a motion is detected at night, a spotlight lights up the area for 30 seconds.

Why look at another camera?

I do not like the thought of paying an additional monthly cost for cloud storage, and that is what you will do if you purchase this camera. While the cost is not much, it is still an additional cost

4. Blink XT Home Security Camera

The Blink XT Home Security Camera System comes with high definition video recording, a remote battery life, and free cloud storage. This system also completely wireless and can be used both indoors and out. 

Why the Blink XT made the list?

I like this camera for its compact size and the battery life. This battery will run for two years on 2 AA batteries. I also like the built-in motion detector and the easy installation. What I like most of all about this camera is the free cloud storage. Other wireless cameras will charge you for storing your data in the cloud.

Why look at another camera?

This camera only has one way audio, and may not hold up over time because of its compact size

5. Zmodo Wireless Security Camera System

This security camera system features a 4 pack of cameras, sends data via your local wifi and provides night vision. The cameras included with this system are weatherproof and will work in temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celcius. In addition, the camera has a night vision distance of up to 65 feet, which is top of the line for IP cameras.

Why the Zmodo Cam made the list?

I like the infrared distance (up to 65 feet), encryption (AES 256), and the customizable motion detection. Using the Zmodo app, you can log in and view live and recorded video.

Why look at another camera?

There are still wires attached to this camera, and wires can create additional problems. Also, the viewing angle is not as wide as the other cameras on this list.

6. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled video Doorbell

This doorbell features high definition video, two-way video, and tones depending on motion detection or pressing the doorbell. You can save alerts (doorbell rings, or motion alerts) to the cloud for viewing at any time.

This camera features a very wide 180-degree field of view, and the option to charge the system with the built-in battery or wiring to an existing doorbell.

Why the Ring Doorbell made the list?

Though it is labeled as a doorbell, it has many of the features of the wireless cameras on this list. This doorbell features cloud storage, 720p high definition camera, and motion activated alerts. I also like the ability to set customer motion sensors, easy installation, and two-way talk.

You can also adjust doorbell chimes based on motion or pressing of the doorbell. 

Why look at another camera?

Similar to the other ring product, I don’t like that I have to pay an additional amount for cloud storage. Also, these are times when there is a delay in connecting to the live feed.

7. Kasa Smart Home Security Camera

This 1080p high definition camera features a wide viewing angle, AES-128 encryption, and free cloud storage. The free storage is limited to a recording history withe option to upgrade to 30 days. This camera also features two-way talk and very easy set up.

Why the Kasa Cam made the list?

This indoor camera made the list because of its wide viewing angle, customer activity zones, and AES-128 level encryption. For its size, this camera provides very good audio and a night vision distance of up to 25 feet. This camera looks more like a microphone than a wireless IP camera. 

Why look at another camera?

This camera only has two days of history stored in the cloud. What happens if you go on vacation for 2 weeks and something happens on day one?

8. Amazon Cloud Security Camera

This indoor, wired camera features 1080p high definition, motion detection, and push notifications. This camera works day and night and features two way audio. This camera also offers the ability to share recorded events and a viewing angle of 120 degrees,

Why the Amazon Cloud Security Camera made the list?

I like the cloud storage capabilities, the recording frame rate, and two-way audio. I also like the fact that you can download and save events to your local computer or your own cloud storage. This camera also has a feature in which you can detect people and not animals.

Why look at another camera?

This is another wired offering, I also don’t like the additional cost to store recordings in the cloud. 

9. EZVIZ HuskyC HD Bullet Camera

This camera product line shoots in 1080p, has the ability to work as a wifi camera or a Power over Ethernet (POE) camera, works both indoors and out, and comes with an SD card slot for local storage. You can also store data to the cloud or to a network video recorder (NVR). 

Why the HuskyC made the list?

This is the only camera or product line that has the ability to work as a wifi or POE camera. Also, this is the only camera on the list that provides three different storage options: onboard the camera, cloud, or NVR. 

Why look at another camera?

This camera has a very limited amount of on board storage. Also, cloud storage is extra. 

10. Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera

This camera has both wired and wireless capabilities and can go anywhere. This camera can be placed both indoors and out and had a wide 180-degree viewing angle. As with many of the other cameras, this camera also features very good night vision for its size. 

Why the Circle 2 made the list?

This little camera packs a lot of features. I really like the cameras ability to plug directly into a wall outlet. This unique ability makes it a nice nanny/ spy camera. This camera also has an adjustable pan and zoom feature, two-way talk and a very strong level of encryption. 

11. Netvue Vigil Bullet Camera

This wifi enabled, 1080p waterproof outdoor camera had a wide 100-degree viewing angle. This camera also has push notifications and can work as a wifi or POE camera. This camera also supports continuous recording and an on board SD card.  

Why the Netvue Vigil made the list?

I like the camera for its versatility. This camera is dust rated and can work in temperatures as cold as -4 or as warm as 122 F. I also like the 36 millimeter lens and the local storage option. Finally, I really like where cameras give you the option to work as a wifi or POE camera, and this camera does that. 

Why look at another camera?

I do not like the limited cloud storage. Also, the SD card is a little small for my liking.

My favorite

I am partial to the Ring product line for a number of reasons. I currently own the Ring Doorbell, and two Ring spotlight Cam Batteries. Prior to purchasing these three cameras, I owned a Foscam IP camera. 

The Foscam had many good features, but I just got tired of having to reconfigure the settings. Also, in order to configure the system, you had to have a decent understanding of networking. You had to change your IP from dynamic to static in your router, and make changes in the camera settings. once you changed the IP type you had to go back into the camera and enter the IP address. 

Also, the camera I had was not any outdoor camera. I had it pointing to my front door, but any time it caught a motion at night, I would just get the reflection of the window. That is my fault, not the camera manufacturer. Another thing I didn’t like was their recommended apps were very bad at the time.

A few things I liked about the Foscam camera were:

  • Set motion zones. You could configure which portions of the camera could trigger an alarm
  • Set motion detection time zones
  • You could watch multiple live streams at the same time
  • Pan/ tilt/ zoom functionality. You could set the camera to pan automatically. 
  • Email alerts. You had the ability to email yourself pictures whenever an alert was detected. You could even adjust the wait time between each alert.

There are a few reasons I like the Ring product like

  • The wide viewing angle of the Ring Doorbell. The Ring Doorbell has possibly the widest viewing angle of all the cameras listed. Viewing angle is important because a wider angle means fewer cameras
  • Configurable coverage zones. I like that I can adjust the sensitivity of the camera. The higher the sensitivity, the more motion alerts you will receive. In addition, you can adjust which of the motion zones trigger alerts and which don’t
  • I really like the spotlights that come installed on the Ring Spotlight camera. Once a motion is detected at night, a bright spotlight illuminates the field of view. 
  • You can turn alerts off. You can turn off alerts for 30 minutes or more. The benefit is you will not constantly receive alerts when you are working in the year.
  • Cloud storage: You can save all events to the cloud. These events can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. 
  • Many power options. You can power the Spotlight Cameras with a rechargeable battery, or a solar panel.
  • The external siren on Spotlight Cameras. In addition, to the spotlight, two-way communication, and power options, you can remotely initiate a siren at the camera. Other cameras trigger a siren at the base station inside the home.

My second favorite is the Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera. Below are a few of the reasons why this is my second favorite

  • The cameras are 100% wireless 
  • The cameras can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Internal Siren
  • Seven days of free recordings
  • Night vision
  • Local backup storage
  • Great user interface
  • Two-way audio
  • Three-second lookback


These are my favorite security cameras that work with Alexa. Please note that most of these cameras will not work out of the box, additional configuration will be necessary. Some of these cameras may require configuration on both the camera and your Amazon hardware.

Also, Amazon Alexa is sold separately from the cameras listed. While you may be able to find a camera and Amazon Echo hardware bundled together, most likely they will be independent. 

Additional questions

  • Is Ring Doorbell compatible with Alexa? Yes, the Ring Doorbell works with Alexa
  • Does Nest Cam work with Alexa? Yes, Nest cameras also work with Alexia
  • Does Amazon Echo have a camera? No, the Echo doesn’t have a camera

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