11 Best Doorbell Cameras with Local Storage

As I’ve motioned several times on various blog posts, my favorite video doorbell is the Ring Video Doorbell 2. This doorbell provides a number of advantages, however, this doorbell has one important disadvantage: You must pay a monthly or yearly fee to use all of its features.

The monthly fee called a subscription adds an untold amount to your budget that many homeowners aren’t expecting. In addition, unlike other subscriptions, you must pay for it. Without the subscription your aren’t able to access store events, you can only view events as they happen.

Luckly, there are a number of video doorbells that include local storage. In this blog post, I will discuss 10 video doorbells that provide local storage. In addition, I will define what a video doorbell is, your storage options as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each storage type.

Finally, I will conclude with my favorite video doorbell of the ones listed. In addition, I will provide a few reasons why I think this video doorbell stands above the rest.

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What is a Video Doorbell?

A video doorbell is a smart doorbell solution that is equipped with HD infrared night vision cameras, microphone, and Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The small device fitted on the entrance of your home enables you to keep a watch over your property from anywhere. But it also plays the role of a basic doorbell. It only does the job much better with the facility of live video chatting with the visitor at the door of your home.

The video doorbell is also equipped with motion sensors that capture the movements of the visitors at your door and sends you instant notification on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can choose to talk to the person through live video. The cameras fitted in a video doorbell can be adjusted to create a wider and longer field that can enable you to keep a watch on your home from anywhere.

Video doorbell was first introduced by Ring in 2012 and the company was recently acquired by Amazon for $ 1 billion. Ring now produces a range of video doorbells and other smart home security solutions. This device comes with an app through which you can take a visitor’s call, talk to him through live video, and adjust the cameras and every other feature in the device to customize it to your needs.

If you are planning to buy video doorbells with local storage, we have prepared a list of 11 best video doorbell and security cameras that should help you start your search for the best video doorbell.

Storage Options

Video doorbells save events to one of two types of storage: local or cloud. In this section I will discuss what local and cloud storage is, the benefits as well as the drawbacks to each.

What is Local Storage?

Video doorbells have internal memory where the audio and video recorded by the device can be saved. This is called local storage. The new generation of video doorbells has a great deal of storage capacity and you can safely keep most of your door activities digitally saved.

You can set the device to record all activities uninterrupted or you can choose to record a particular conversation. In either case, the device has enough storage capacity to function reliably and effectively.

In most cases, audio and video records are saved to a small hard drive, called a microSD card. These cards are like the cards used in cell phones, digital cameras, and gamin console.

Benefits of Local Storage

Storing the data captured by a video doorbell in the storage provided in the device has the advantage that it does not cost you extra money. It is also a very easy process in which you don’t need to do anything but just turn on the recording option in the video doorbell app. Another important advantage is that the data remains stored in your device. So there is not much of a chance of data hacking or theft.

Drawbacks of Local Storage

The biggest drawback of local storage is you are responsible for data management. You will need to decide if and when you should transfer data from your microSD to a larger hard drive.

Another possible drawback of local storage is the additional hardware. It is almost guaranteed that your hard drives will fail. When that happens, you may lose some or all of your recorded events.

What is Cloud Storage?

Since a video doorbell can continuously keep a watch on your property, you may like to use it as such. In that case, it will create a lot of data and in order to store it without much worrying about the storage capacity, you may like to use the cloud. Video doorbell makers such as Ring offer a monthly subscription package for storing the data on their cloud networks.

Basically, cloud storage is saving data on someone (usually the manufacturer) else storage device. It is called ‘the cloud’ because you don’t see the physical device.

One example of this is Ring’s cloud service. The recorded events are stored in Amazon Web Services’ S3 data storage. AWS has large data warehouses across the company where they store user data.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

If your video doorbell is capturing a lot of data, you may have to find additional storage to keep the data safe. Cloud is a great option where you can store huge amounts of data for a longer period of time without any pressure on your device or home automation hub. Video doorbell makers provide storage options on the cloud and they charge a fee for this.

Drawbacks of Cloud Storage

The biggest concern with cloud storage is the additional monthly fee you may incur to store the data. In most cases, if you do not pay the subscription fee you will not have access to the recorded events.

Another drawback of cloud storage is that you do not control your data. Many cloud storage programs (both free and paid) delete saved events after a period of time. This time can be as short as 48 hours, or as long as 6 months.

Now, lets look at 11 video doorbells that feature local storage.

YIROKA Video Doorbell

YIROKA video doorbell comes in very small sizes and that makes it a perfect fit for any door. The device is fitted with night vision and videointercom. Its waterproof and dustproof rating is P55 which makes it a superior product against rain and sun.

It has 3200mAH battery which can keep the device working non-stop for 5-6 months with a single charge. It has real-time HD view with a wide angle that makes sure you never miss a visitor. The night mode of the device is auto-switched.

It sends you instant alerts on your smartphone if it detects any visitor at the door. The device can be linked to your smartphone in a one-minute installation. The instructions are easy and simple.

You will just need to download an app that comes with this video doorbell and adjust the setting according to your needs. This app will receive an alert when there is a visitor at your door. Since it is fitted with high-quality night vision equipment, it captures door activities even in the dead of the night.

Storage Capacity

This video doorbell is equipped with a free 16GB internal memory that provides storage for up to 3000 videos. This much memory is sufficient to capture door activities round the clock for a week. After a week, you can choose to transfer the data to the cloud or another device or can simply delete it.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • High-quality night vision


  • Does not support 5G connectivity
  • Develops issues with Internet connectivity

Sarcch Smart Video Doorbell

This video doorbell is equipped with HD Security Camera and Motion Sensors. It is also equipped with high-quality Night Vision as well as Real-time Video and Two-Way Talk. This device is very easy to handle and install.

You only need to install the battery, connect it with Wi-Fi, download the app on your smartphone, and start using it. It offers twoway communication in HD video. You can see your visitors from anywhere and talk to them directly through your smartphone. It is fitted with PIR motion sensors, which turn on the alarm automatically.

It also switches the device to day and night modes automatically. HD infrared camera makes sure that the video and picture quality is good even if it is taken in the night. The battery runs really long for up to 6 months before needing to recharge.

Storage Capacity

This device has an internal memory of 32 GB, which provides enough storage for video and audios. This much memory should be sufficient for capturing all door activities for about a fortnight.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Superior night vision camera
  • 32 GB internal memory


  • Internet connectivity an issue at times
  • Need protection from the sun and rain

EwiseeLive Door Bell

This is a wireless doorbell equipped with HD camera, PIR motion sensors, and night vision facility. It supports 2.4G WI-FI. The pixels of its camera is 720P HD.

This is a smart doorbell that connects to WiFi even if the router is placed a couple of walls away. In order to start operating it, you only need to install the battery, connect it with the internet, download the app, and start using it. It offers reliable transmission of audio and video through all Android and iOS devices.

This makes it possible to see your visitors from anywhere through your smartphone. You can talk to the visitor and keep the conversation recorded in your device. The device can also be used to keep a watch on your home as it has a wider and longer view field. Its infrared night vision camera and motion detectors capture all door activities in crystal clear frames and send you alerts instantly.

Storage Capacity

It has a strong memory in various options from 8GB to 32 GB. This provides you the opportunity to select the storage capacity that you need for your purpose.


  • Beautiful design
  • High-quality picture resolution
  • Superior motion detectors


  • Does not connect to the internet at times
  • Gets activated on capturing any type of motion

Kennycam Video Doorbell 2

This is a great alternative to some of the more expensive doorbells. This video doorbell has all the standard features that you can expect in a well designed and evolved video doorbell. It offers two-way video communication with the help of an inbuilt microphone and HD infrared camera.

Now you can see and talk to your visitors from anywhere with the help of a video doorbell app on your smartphone. It can be installed wireless powered by a battery or can be installed in the existing wiring. It has PIR motion sensors and can be adjusted to cover a large area.

This helps you keep a watch on your house round the clock. You get an instant alert if there is any door activity or any motion detected by the motion sensors in its field.

Storage Capacity

The device can use an SD card that works as the extra storage space for your data. The video doorbell maker also offers storage on the cloud. The storage system automatically overwrites old data with the new unless you want to keep the data safe.


  • Offers storage on the cloud
  • High-quality motion sensors
  • SD card for local storage


  • Need protection from rain and sun
  • Average design

NexTrend Video Doorbell

This video doorbell is a sophisticated product equipped with highly sensitive motion detectors that make sure that no visitor return from your door without you getting an alert and having the opportunity to see and talk to him no matter you are inside your home or 1000 of miles away. It offers HD quality two-way video communication.

The battery runs about six months on a single charge. It does not require any wiring. You only need to insert the battery, download ToSee app on your smartphone, and connect the device to the internet. Your video doorbell is ready to work. This smart doorbell is fitted with PIR motion sensor, which is extremely sensitive and can be adjusted to cover a large area of field view.

Storage Capacity

For storage, you can use memory card up to 32 GB of storage capacity. The device will automatically overwrite old videos on SD card with new ones unless you program it not to do so. The videos captured by video doorbell can also be stored on a smartphone on a TF memory chip.


  • Reliable local storage
  • Battery lasts longer
  • Crystal clear video and pictures


  • Need protection from extreme sun, cold, or rain
  • The Internet does not connect well in low signal areas

ZhiLiao Video Doorbell

This is a smart doorbell at a very attractive price. Like all standard video doorbells, ZhiLiao video doorbell offers excellent two-way video communication with the visitors at the entrance of your home.

Now, with this small device fixed on the door of your home, there is no possibility of you missing any of your courier men or any other visitors. The highly sensitive PIR motion sensors capture every movement in its field view and set off the alarm. You get to know of it through an instant alert that you receive on your smartphone.

You can choose to respond to the door activity based on the video that you receive. If you indeed have a visitor, you can see him, talk to him, and keep the conversation recorded for future reference. The machine is fitted with HD infrared night vision cameras that offer optimum performance in the darkness of the night by capturing crystal clear videos and pictures.

Storage Capacity

The device has a slot for the TF card that can be installed to store all the videos and audios recorded by your device. The maximum storage capacity of the TF can be up to 64GB, which is quite a lot.


  • Easy to install
  • Attractively priced
  • Superior performance


  • Need protection from extreme weather conditions
  • Gets activated even on false movements

Mbuynow Video Doorbell

This is another premium quality smart wireless doorbell that offers superior quality two-way video chatting with the person on your and you, no matter where you are whether in your backyard or in another continent. Your smartphone will receive an instant alert the moment it detects motion in its field view.

You will also get an alert if a visitor pushes the doorbell button. Once you have the notification on your device you can choose to talk to the person and keep the video of the conversation stored in the local storage of the device. It is equipped with a 1080P HD camera that provides a complete and clear and overview.

The video doorbell has built-in motion detectors and infrared night vision cameras that provide strict security to your house. It is easy to install and comes in anti-theft designs. To operate, you only need to insert the battery, connect it to the internet, download Ubell app on your smartphone and get going.

Storage Capacity

The company offers free cloud storage of the data captured by the video doorbell for seven days. Alternatively, you can use a Micro SD card of up to 64 GB. This would provide you ample storage for the data captured by your doorbell.


  • Wireless & easy to install
  • High-quality picture and video
  • Good looks, durable


  • Need to protect from rain and sun
  • Does not support 5G

Geeni Video Doorbell

This is an extremely good looking and sleek device that beautifully fits on your door. Like all great products in its category, Geeni Video Doorbell offers high-resolution video conversation with your visitor at the door and you, even if you are not anywhere close to your home. This machine sends you an alert on your smartphone when its doorbell key is pressed by a visitor.

You can see the person on your phone and talk to him through your smartphone, thanks to the HD video camera installed in the doorbell. The device is fitted with an infrared night vision camera and PIR motion sensors. These two components make sure that every movement in its filed view is recorded and an alert is sent to the owner.

The camera’s angle can be enlarged with the app that comes with this product to capture a larger view of the area. This offers additional security to your home.

Storage Capacity

The device has a slot for micro SD cards, which can be used to store data collected by your video doorbell. The SD card of up to 64 GB, which is quite a lot for your purpose, can be used with this device.


  • Extremely beautiful & attractive
  • Lightweight and weatherproof
  • High-quality audios & videos


  • Need protection from sun & rain
  • At times, connectivity is an issue

Night Owl Smart Doorbell

This is an extremely cute small size smart doorbell that offers all standard features and more. With this tiny equipment adorning the entrance of your home, you could relax with a worry. Now, you would not miss any visitor or any suspicious activity near your home.

This device has a doorbell key, which sends you an instant alert on your smartphone the moment the visitor presses the key. You can turn on the video camera on your smartphone to see the visitor can even engage in a video chatting. The conversation can be recorded and kept at the local storage in a micro SD card. It is equipped with a 1080p HD camera.

It comes in a weather-resistant and anti-theft design. You can use Google Assistant to open the app and check the video of the person at the door.

Storage Capacity

  • Easy to install & use
  • Attractive design & look
  • Good quality picture & video


  • Needs protection from extreme weather
  • Does not support 5G

Swann Smart Video Doorbell

This is one of the cutest video doorbells available in the market. Its beautiful looks are well complemented by an extraordinary range of smart features that make this doorbell stand out among its peers. Besides two-way HD communication, this efficient device also enhances security to your property by allowing you to watch it and get instant alerts if any movement is noticed by the motion sensors fitted in the video doorbell. Of course, it offers the basic service of a doorbell.

The moment its doorbell button is pressed, you receive an instant alert. You can turn on the camera on your app and see the visitor and have a chat with him. The device is fitted with a 720p HD camera and heat & motion sensing detectors.

Storage Capacity

The product has an internal memory that stores the data for 30 rolling days. During this period you can have unlimited access to play back the videos that your video doorbell has collected.


  • Superior design & look
  • Extremely easy to install and operate
  • High-quality picture and video


  • Does not support 5G
  • Needs protection from weather elements

Soliom Video Doorbell

This is one of the finest wireless video doorbells. The best part of this smart doorbell is that it is self-reliant for power. It comes with a solar panel that charges its battery. Another great feature is that the company offers free storage of 20 video clips on its cloud networks.

The premium product offers excellent two-way communication with you and your visitor at the door through live streaming of HD video, accessible by your smartphone. Now, you can reply to your visitors from anywhere with the help of your smartphone and Soliom app.

Storage Capacity

You can use a micro SD card of up to 32 GB to store the data collected by your video doorbell. The company also offers free data storage facility on its cloud for 20 video clips.


  • Durable, Anti-theft, Water-resistant design
  • High-quality video and picture
  • Excellent night vision video camera


  • Does not support %g
  • Needs protection from extreme weather


All the 11 video doorbells featured here are great products that offer uncompromising security and smart doorbell solutions for your home. These products combine some of the most sophisticated technologies in motion sensing, infrared night vision, and internet. These products are weather-resistant, durable and come in anti-theft designs. All of them have a very effective local storage system with the provision of micro SD cards, while some models also offer cloud-based storage.

If you are planning to buy video doorbells with local storage, this list of video doorbells and security cameras should be great reference material for you to start your research.

Additional Questions

Do Doorbell Cameras record all the time?

This depends on the doorbell. Some doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbells, do not record all of the time. They only begin recording when an event occurs. The event is one of three things: motion detection, doorbell ring, or live viewing.

Other doorbells, like the Nest Video Doorbell, claim to offer continuous recording. You will need to review each product to determine its recording settings.

Can I use the Ring Doorbell Without a Subscription?

Yes you can use the Ring Doorbell Without a subscription. However, you will be limited as to the features you will be able to use. Without the subscription, you will be unable to view recorded events. You will only be able to view events live.

Does Ring Offer Free Cloud Storage?

No, Ring does not offer free cloud storage. In ordered to take advantage of the storage, you must pay the subscription. The subscription can be paid monthly or annually.

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