10 Best Video Doorbells for Cold Weather

What does it take to find the best video doorbell for the cold weather? Even though there are several video doorbells, not all are suited for the cold weather. This is because, during extremely cold weather, the mercury in the lithium-ion battery will drop, which makes it hard for the battery to maintain the charge. Despite this, there are certain video doorbells that still function better even at extremely lower temperatures.

When looking for such types of doorbells, there are features you need to consider. Some of these are the HD video, ease of installation, and the two-way talk system. in addition, you also need to consider the working temperature. It needs to function better under extremely low temperatures for reliable and convenient services. Lastly, the
motion detector and build are other consideration to check. Below are
some of the best picks of video doorbells to consider for cole weather.

1. Skybell Video Doorbell

This is a very reliable and convenient doorbell that will maximize security at your home. The live monitoring features make it elementary to see whoever is standing at the door. Secondly, it also has the best motion
sensor to detect when someone is standing at your door and the doorbell hasn’t been pressed.

In addition, this doorbell provides an amazing view through the 1080P HD camera and 5x zoom. With this, I can easily get the best view before opening the door. It also features hearing and speaking feature with the
two-way audio system. With this feature, I can speak to anyone at the door without opening. The doorbell also supports multiple users, which makes it very reliable. This makes it easy for us to get the door alert and anyone can
easily answer.

Moreover, the doorbell is able to record all the video. This makes it vital to see whoever was at my door even when I was away. The waterproof and dustproof doorbell is one to use in any weather condition.

Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -40 – +140 degrees.

This is a great cold weather doorbell camera that works in all seasons. It has the ability to work within a temperature range of -40ºF -140ºF; hence great for any weather condition.

Skybell Video Doorbell specs

  • 1080p HD video
  • Tow-way talk
  • Motion detection
  • 5x zoom

Skybell Strengths

  • Great for all weather conditions
  • Sends quick motion alert
  • Night vision
  • 1080 video resolution

Possible Drawbacks

  • Sends false alerts occasionally
  • Installation can be complicated

What Skybell Users are saying

The doorbell provides the best security for my kids even when I’m not home. This is because it sends me a quick alert whenever anyone is at the door. I really recommend it.


I like the Skybell as it provides for two-way talk system. In most cases, I don’t have to open the door. We can talk to anyone at the door, which makes it very reliable to me.


2. Ezviz Video Doorbell

With this doorbell, users can always see whoever is standing at the door even during the night hours. It features night vision which makes it great for night use. In addition, it also works well in all weather conditions. It is IP65 waterproof and also a dustproof camera that users can now rely on.

The high video resolution is another great feature I like about it this video doorbell. With this, it provides a crystal clear view from any angle. Moreover, it also has the two-way talk system for easy communication with anyone standing at the door.

Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -22ºF – +140ºF degrees.

For the best cold weather doorbell, we need to find one that will work even at extremely low temperatures. This is a great doorbell that works down at -22-degrees; hence very convenient.

Ezviz Video Doorbell Specs

  • IP65 rated waterproof
  • Two-way talk system
  • 16-ft night vision
  • Built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless system

Ezviz Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Great in all weather conditions
  • Quality video resolution
  • Night vision
  • Easy connection to most wireless networks

Possible Drawbacks

  • Limited viewing distance

What Ezviz Users are saying

With this video doorbell, I can always get whoever visited me when I wasn’t at home. It easily records and stores all the information; hence my favorite doorbell


One thing I like about the doorbell is that it works even during the coldest weather conditions. The camera is very clear and provides
the best view even during the winter. It is my best ever purchase.


3. Night Owl Video Doorbell

This video doorbell provides a super clear view of anyone standing at the door thanks to its 1080P video resolution. With this, users can
easily see if they should open the door or not. Secondly, the camera also has a 2-way audio system to easily talk within whoever is standing at the door if you don’t feel like opening the door.

With the real-time dual sensor, the camera will always send quick alerts. users, therefore, get notified in case someone is approaching or standing at the door. It supports the MicroSD for easy storing of all the activities so that I can watch later.

Night Owl Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -22ºF – +140ºF degrees.

It works from as low as 22-degrees up to 122-degrees, making it great
for the coldest of climates.

Night Owl Video Doorbell Specs

  • 32GB MicroSD card storage capacity
  • 1080P Video Resolution
  • 2-way audio
  • 30-ft night viewing distance

Night Owl Strengths

  • Records and stores data locally
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Sends push notifications

Possible Drawbacks

  • May have connectivity issues
  • moderate to difficult installation

What Night Owl Users are Saying

It is a superior doorbell that is budget-friendly. I also like the quality of images that brings about the best view from all angles.


With the Night Owl Video Doorbell, I’m assured of top-notch security even when not at home. It provides quick alerts that I really like
about it.


4. August Video Doorbell

This doorbell is also very reliable as it sends quick alerts in case someone is at the door. In addition, you don’t need to hire an expert to install this video doorbell. All parts and tools for the installation are included for quick set-up. Besides this, the doorbell easily connects with my Smartphone. This allows for quick alerts even when I’m not at home. It also records all the videos so users can watch events later.

August Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -13ºF – +122ºF degrees.

The August Video Doorbell is the most efficient doorbell users can safely use during cold conditions. The doorbell works at -13-degrees, which makes it a great purchase.

August Video Doorbell Specs

  • Full-color HD night vision
  • 12-24VAC wired power
  • Free 24-hour video recording
  • Easy installation

August Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Works very will in cold weather
  • Easy installation
  • Sends quick alerts
  • Full color night vision

Possible Drawbacks

  • The volume may not function properly
  • Poor video recording

What August Users are Saying

It is my favorite doorbell as everyone in the house will always get the alert. With this, anyone can always respond to the ring at the door.


I didn’t have to hire an expert for the installation. I got all parts in the package and it didn’t take much time to fully install it.


5. RCA Video Doorbell

It is a highly durable doorbell that is water and dustproof. With this, it is suitable to use in all conditions including the summer and winter. This doorbell also provides a very clear view using the 1080P video resolution. It
also has a 180-degrees field of view for excellent images.

In addition, with the camera, you can watch all the recorded events when I was away from home. It easily records and stores the data safely to the MicroSD for watching later. With the built-in speakers and microphone, I can easily see and talk to anyone at my door. This means that I can choose to open or not to open the door. The device also has the field of view that I can easily customize to reduce the number of false alarms.

RCA Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -22ºF – +22ºF degrees.

The RCA Video Doorbell is another quality doorbell that will function extremely well under cold temperatures. It can support temperatures as low as -22-degrees, making it a perfect doorbell for the winter.

RCA Video Doorbell Specs

  • 180-degrees field of view
  • 1080P video resolution
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection

RCA Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Wide field of view
  • Records high quality, long events
  • Withstands very cold conditions
  • 1080 video resolution

Possible Drawbacks

  • Moderate to difficult installation
  • May send false alerts

What RCA Users are Saying

I decide to get this camera because my neighbor uses it and I really liked the quality of the view. The 1080P provides me with crystal clear images.


Nothing keeps my home safe like the RCA video doorbell. When
a stranger stands at the door, I can always say I’m indoors even when away, which has greatly enhanced the security at home.


6. Ring Video Doorbells

The Ring Video Doorbell has now made life simpler by enhancing security at home. Irrespective of where we are as a family, we will always get a quick notification when someone gets with 30-feet of our home. The doorbell will easily detect motion and send an immediate notification. Secondly, it also allows us to see who is at the door and can speak directly without opening the door open.

In addition, it has the best HD video resolution that provides the best vertical and horizontal field of view. With this, we can always see who is standing at the door. Due to its rugged build; it is a weather resistant doorbell that works well during the winter

Ring Video Doorbell Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -5ºF – +120ºF degrees.

To keep my home safe even during the coldest days, this is all I need. The powerful doorbell performs at its best during the winter as it can withstand low temperatures of up to -5-degrees.

As I mentioned in this post, the Ring Video Doorbell 1 worked in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees. While it did work, there were a few drawbacks.

Ring Video Doorbell Specs

Note: These are general specs for all of the video doorbells. For a breakdown of each video doorbell, click here

  • Motion activated notifications
  • Two-way talk
  • Weather resistant
  • High Definition video resolution (720 – 1080)

Ring Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Works is all weather conditions
  • High quality video resolution
  • Two-way talk
  • Very easy installation

Possible Drawbacks

  • May send false notifications
  • Most expensive cameras on the market

What Ring Users are Saying

This is the best video doorbell that keeps my home safe even in my absence. I can always talk to whoever is at my door easily.


With this great doorbell, I can easily tell a stranger I’m at home even when I’m out. Besides this, I can also avoid someone I don’t need
to talk to by saying I’m away even when I’m in.


DoorBird Video Doorbell

Due to its compatibility, users found it great for their family. It can easily connect to up to eight different Smartphones. With this, any one of us can always respond to the ring at the door. The doorbell also provides the
best view ever as it uses the HD video camera with the 180-wide angle.

This camera has free cloud recording that makes it great for recording all the motion events so that we can watch once back at home. It features night vision motion for better clarity at night. Lastly, the doorbell also sends quick alerts to all devices, which makes it very reliable.

DoorBird Video Doorbell Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -4ºF – +122ºF degrees.

For long-term and reliable services, users purchase this video doorbell since it can withstand even the poorest weather conditions. The working temperature is really amazing and even during the summer, it works perfectly.

DoorBird Video Doorbell Specs

  • 180-degree field of view
  • High definition video resolution
  • Free cloud storage
  • Night vision

DoorBird Strengths

  • Compatible with different devices
  • High definition video resolution
  • 180-degree field of view
  • High quality night vision

Possible Drawbacks

  • Make send incorrect notifications

What DoorBird Users are saying

With this doorbell, anyone can always respond to the ring at the door. This is because we all receive the alerts, which makes it very reliable.


I always get my parcels even when away. This is because I
can see who is at the door and will direct him/her where to keep the parcel. This is the best doorbell ever.


8. Soliom Video Doorbell

The camera has a full HD 1080P video resolution which provides crystal clear images of anyone standing at the door. Second, to this, the doorbell also has a powerful night vision that works with a range of 10-15m; hence can detect anyone approaching the door.

Additionally, it also connects easily and with multiple devices. With this, everyone at home can receive motion alerts for convenience. The solar-powered doorbell features 4,000mAh lithium battery for longer runtime. It also has the PIR and Radar motion sensors for easy detection of any
motion that approaches the door for quick alerts.

Soliom Video Doorbell Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between -4ºF – +176ºF degrees.

With this IP66 weatherproof camera, it provides the best services even during the winter. It doesn’t fail to send alerts during such conditions.
It also works better during high-temperature conditions.

Soliom Video Doorbell Specs

  • 15-foot night vision
  • 1920×1080 video resolution
  • PIR and Radar motion sensors
  • 4,000 mAh lithium-ion battery

Soliom Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Works great under all weather conditions
  • Two-way audio system
  • Easy to install
  • Quick motion detection for real-time alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Solar panel

Possible Drawbacks

  • Very sensitive and may send false alerts

What Soliom Users are Saying

The installation of the camera is super easy. I did all by myself and with all the parts included in the package, it took me a few minutes.


This is a very reliable doorbell for real-time alerts. It sends very quick alerts to let me know when someone is at my door. This has greatly enhanced security at home.

Mercy Mary

9. Remo+ Video Doorbell

With this great video doorbell, users can now provide the ultimate protection for their family from intruders. This is because the doorbell
has HD video resolution that will send quick alerts to your phone. With this, users can clearly see who is standing at the door. It also works well both day and night as it features the night vision. In addition to this, the doorbell also has a 2-way talk system for easy communication with someone at the door.

In addition, the battery-powered doorbell provides up to 4 months of runtime. The camera also supports multiple users for seamless connection; meaning it is suitable for users of any size home

Remo+ Video Doorbell Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between 0ºF – +120ºF degrees.

The camera is also ideal for use during all seasons. It can withstand lower temperatures, which makes it efficient. During the summer, it also withstands the high temperatures, making it the best doorbell.

Remo+ Video Doorbell Specs

  • 2-way audio
  • PIR Sensor
  • High definition video resolution
  • Night vision

Remo+ Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Works great at night
  • Supports multiple users
  • Clear video resolution

Possible Drawbacks

  • Shortened battery life

What Remo+ Users are Saying

This has been my best security at home when I am in or away. The camera sends quick alerts anytime to notify me when someone is approaching my door. It is the best purchase for the cost.


Since installing this doorbell, everything has greatly changed. I never worry about the safety of my kids even when not at home. The doorbell provides me with the full view of whoever is at the door, which has greatly maximized the security.


10. Nest Video Doorbell

With the motion sensor, users always receive quick alerts when
someone is approaching the door. This has greatly reduced the chances of opening the door to strangers. Besides this, it has the HD two-way system for better communication with anyone at the door; hence I don’t have to
open the door when not necessary. It has noise and echo cancellation for crystal clear sound. The doorbell is also great for use during all seasons.

Nest Video Doorbell Operating Temperature

This video doorbell operates best between 5ºF – +104ºF degrees.

This video doorbell is also ideal for use during the winter though may not withstand extremely lower temperatures. On the other hand, it also works well during the summer.

Nest Video Doorbell Specs

  • HD two-way audio
  • 4:3 video
  • Night vision
  • 160-degree field of view

Nest Video Doorbell Strengths

  • Wide field of View
  • Good night vision
  • 24/7 continuous streaming and recording
  • Quick motion sensing

Possible Drawbacks

  • Somewhat challenging installation

What Nest Users are Saying

Whenever I’m away from home, it is easier to see whoever visited my home in my absence. This is because the doorbell has the 24/7 recording system that I can always watch later


This is my favorite doorbell that I can now recommend to other users. It really saves time as I don’t need to open the door whenever someone rings the bell. I can always talk to him/her through the two-way talk
system, which makes it great.

Judy John


These are my best video doorbells that greatly enhance security at home during the winter. The doorbells are easy to install and provide quality images. It is because of the HD video cameras that provides crystal clear images. Moreover, the doorbells are also reliable as they can record and watch later.

This implies that users can always see who was at home when they are away. Additionally, they are also widely compatible as everyone at home will always get the alerts. The video doorbells have motion sensors to detect any coming motion for real-time alerts. These are the best video doorbells for the cold that will perfectly suit your home.

Additional Questions

Does the Ring Video Doorbell Work in Cold Weather?

Yes, the Ring Video Doorbell is rated to work in temperatures as cold as -5 degrees. However, I’ve found that is works in temperatures much colder than that

Is There a Monthly Charge for the Ring Video Doorbell?

To advantage of all of the features, you must pay a monthly charge. The monthly charge varies on the number of devices connected to your home.

How Long Does Ring Keep Video Recordings?

Video recordings are stored in the cloud for 6 months

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